Kent Wildlife Trust is appealing for help to identify the creator of a mysterious totem pole that has appeared at a nature reserve in Capel-Le-Ferne.

Walkers along the cliff-top path on the North Downs Way betweeCan anyone unlock the mystery of the new totem polen Dover and Folkestone can now marvel at the 8ft sculpture, which is carved from a single tree and is inscribed with the name Perkūnas, a Baltic God.

The local authority, Dover District Council, has asked that the Trust now seeks retrospective planning permission to keep ‘Perkūnas the Pole’ and the charity is keen to track down the original artist to shed some light on the mystery.

Area Manager Ian Rickards says: 'The artist behind this would have spent hours painstakingly carving out the details and we are keen to keep it on our reserve.

Great British Life: Can anyone unlock the mystery of the new totem poleCan anyone unlock the mystery of the new totem pole

'The artwork seems to be a hit with the walkers who have taken selfies and congratulated us on the installation, but we had no idea how it came to be there – it’s a "Totem"mystery!

'The local council has asked us to submit planning permission and it would be great to track down the person behind Perkūnas to get a bit more detail so we can keep it. The planning application will incur a cost to the Trust, so if anyone would like to make a donation to help fund the process, it would be gratefully received.'

The Capel-Le-Ferne Nature Reserve was purchased by Kent Wildlife Trust in order to protect a section of the amazing white chalk cliffs. Used by nesting seabirds and patrolled by peregrine falcons, it is hoped that - as reported in KL last month - the cliffs will provide the perfect habitat for the new population of red-billed chough.

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