If you go down to the woods this October, you’re sure of a big surprise... 

In fact, in the woodlands of Penhurst’s KINGDOM, you can discover one of the most engaging nights of live entertainment you’ll ever attend as an immersive production of the Greek classic, ANTIGONE, takes centre stage from October 16 – 29.

This won’t be any ordinary night at the theatre! Brace yourself for an enthralling experience like no other, as you stand among the trees soaking up the intertwining narratives of the show’s characters, that will envelop you in an astonishing spectacle.

Following the success of Macbeth (2021), Rotten States (2020) and many more, the director of the show, Tobias Cornwell returns with another adaptation of a classic tale, enabling audience members to choose which storyline they follow. It will be up to viewers if they decide to stay by the campfire and let the scenes unravel around them or pursue a single character throughout the evening.

Audiences will come to learn about the tale’s two brothers, one a former king, and the other an exiled traitor, who have died in war. Their grief-stricken sisters, Antigone and Ismene, face the ultimate test as their crown is forcibly taken from them. With the destiny of Thebes lying in balance, how will the people respond? Everyone has an agenda; everyone has skin in the game and no one’s choice is easy!

Great British Life: Soak up the intertwining narratives of the show’s characters, that will envelop you in an astonishing spectacleSoak up the intertwining narratives of the show’s characters, that will envelop you in an astonishing spectacle (Image: GOOMS)

Get Out Of My Space (GOOMS), in association with Trinity Theatre, presents this show as a way to spread the word of production throughout Kent and bring the most cutting-edge style of storytelling to the region. GOOMS were set up in 2015 by a group of school friends who wanted to make something of their own. Quickly, they moved away from the settings of traditional, proscenium arch theatres, and put on performances in pubs, restaurants, amphitheaters and woodlands. Their work puts audiences in control of which story they watch, where you’ll rarely be given a seat to sit in. Immersive theatre is becoming more of the norm, and in the heart of Kent, GOOMS has built a reputation with its audiences for providing the most engaging live entertainment of any theatre company.

For director Tobias, the production is a way of keeping regional theatre as a topic of importance and relevance for the public in a post-COVID world. Having battled through the impossible circumstances of the pandemic, putting on shows through thick and thin, he believes ANTIGONE promises to be the most spectacular and theatrical performance yet.

Audiences can lose themselves in the meticulously crafted and fascinating world of Thebes, stand at the heart of the action and make on-the-spot decisions about where they’ll go and what they’ll see. Each person will shape their encounter – making it unlike anyone else’s.

It will be an extraordinary journey into the soul of the city, where emotions run deep, and forgiveness is tested. War has left scars everywhere, and audiences will bear witness to the struggles of trust and the fight for justice. Don’t miss the chance to join in with this unparalleled experience that will linger in your memory for years to come.

ANTIGONE is an immersive outdoor experience showing at Penshurt’s KINGDOM on Grove Road, TN11 8DU, from October 16 to 29.

Recommended audience age is 16+. Caution: This production is taking place outside in the woods. You will get wet, your shoes will get muddy, and you will feel something real.

Tickets from £27.50 can be purchased at gooms.co.uk/antigone.