Embark on this enchanting walk along the Turner & Dickens linear 4-mile route from Margate to Broadstairs. With a blend of artistic allure and historic narratives, this romantic stroll promises panoramic vistas, secluded spots, and charming start and end destinations.

Setting the scene:

The captivating towns of Margate and Broadstairs set the stage for this romantic expedition. Margate boasts the Turner Contemporary Gallery, an artistic haven inspired by J.M.W. Turner himself. Broadstairs, steeped in literary heritage, offers cobblestone streets, inviting beaches, and a timeless charm, making it an idyllic finale to this romantic route.

Great British Life:  Turner Contemporary Gallery in the distance Turner Contemporary Gallery in the distance (Image: Getty)

Key waypoints:

1. Embrace Turner's legacy in Margate, where the renowned artist found inspiration in the unique light, with Turner Contemporary now standing at the site of his former guest house, where today’s route commences.

2. Discover Margate's Georgian allure in Cecil Square and Hawley Square, once fashionable spots in the town's historical past.

3. Witness Margate's artistic charm through mosaic panels at Holy Trinity and St John’s CEP School, vividly depicting Turner's famed paintings and imaginative scenes from his life.

4. Explore Drapers Mill, a restored 19th-century windmill housing relics and open for select afternoon visits, preserving the essence of the bygone milling era.

5. Admire the vibrant footbridge mural crossing the Broadstairs to Margate railway, a collaborative artwork celebrating local history, featuring Dickensian characters against a Turner-style background.

6. Wander through 'The Shallows', an area once linked to Baptist history due to its underground stream, offering a safe worship space in the 17th century.

7. Visit St Peter’s Church, an architectural gem since 1070, with historic tales woven into its Norman structure and the longest churchyard in the country.

8. Step into St Peter’s historical village with regular engaging tours, transporting visitors through centuries with costumed characters and intriguing anecdotes.

9. Discover St Peter’s 24 Dickens-inspired mosaic panels, a charming display crafted by the local community, featuring iconic characters in a picturesque setting.

10. Explore Crampton Tower Museum near Broadstairs railway station, commemorating the pioneering engineer Thomas Russell Crampton's life and works.

11. Make sure to stop by outside Pierremont Hall, steeped in regal history with connections to Queen Victoria's childhood visit and now housing the Town Council offices.

12. Conclude at Dickens House Museum, where the author's ties to Broadstairs unfold through memorabilia and exhibits, a testament to literary history.

Steps, stats & stiles;

Spanning a picturesque four-mile linear route from Margate to Broadstairs, the Turner & Dickens walk offers a delightful journey through the coastal landscapes of Kent. Walkers can anticipate completing this scenic stroll in approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes at a steady pace. However, the allure of the pretty vistas along the way may entice pauses and stops to soak in the views, so allowing for additional time is recommended. Designed to be accessible for all, this route ensures an inclusive experience, welcoming walkers of varying abilities to revel in the beauty of the Isle of Thanet. While traversing the path, walkers should be mindful of road crossings, exercising caution to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.

Perfectly-placed refuel spot:

Upon completion of today’s route, indulge in a romantic meal at the Royal Albion Hotel in Broadstairs. With picturesque sea views and exquisite cuisine, it offers an intimate setting for Valentine's Day celebrations. Enjoy freshly prepared dishes, including locally sourced seafood and delectable desserts (ideal for sharing!), perfectly complemented by a selection of fine wines and local beers.

Make a day of it:

This beautiful stretch of Kent’s coastline offers many opportunities to extend your day with someone special. Begin with the artistic wonders of Turner Contemporary in Margate, wander the vintage streets of Old Town Margate, and finally, embrace Broadstairs' literary essence and captivating beaches, creating cherished moments throughout your day.

Route followed:

For detailed directions and the complete walking map of the Turner & Dickens linear walk, credit goes to Explore Kent. Access the full map at: explorekent.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/turner-and-dickens-walk.pdf.