He’s seen UFOs twice already and now Sam Wright is hoping a paranormal conference this month will shed more light on the mysteries of the universe

Great British Life: UFO man Sam Wright with the evidence....UFO man Sam Wright with the evidence.... (Image: Archant)

If the truth is out there, Sam Wright is hoping it comes a little closer. And he has the perfect stage for any extra terrestrials who want to make contact – an international conference he will host this month about all things supernatural.

Sam has staged the conferences for more than 20 years and although they regularly attract speakers from all over the world, it was a visitor from further afield who grabbed the headlines last year.

Delegates at the paranormal event saw a silver dome-shaped UFO in the skies over St Annes and he later found out that wasn’t the only unexpected guest. ‘Two psychics who had never met before our conference last year each rang me after the event to say there had been two reptilians at the conference,’ Sam said. ‘They are ETs that can take human form and meld in with our society and I am fascinated by all that.’

The international conferences – held at the YMCA in St Annes – are organised by Probe International, which 74-year-old Sam runs from his modest semi-detached house on a quiet Blackpool street.

His interest in the paranormal began when he was young boy growing up close to the Lancashire Cricket ground in Old Trafford. ‘Before I went to do my two years National Service I had seen things I couldn’t explain,’ he said. ‘I’d seen human forms that just disappeared but I never told anyone about it, my mates weren’t interested in that sort of thing – they’d have thought I was mad. Eventually I did speak to people and I heard their stories and I got more intrigued.’

He read up on the subject and then began attending week-long conferences in America with his wife, Jean, a singer. After years of travelling to events in the States he decided to launch a conference in this country and held a one-day event in Blackpool for other aficionados. It has now grown into a two-day conference held twice a year which attracts hundreds to hear speakers and share stories.

‘I’ve been interested in this stuff for a long time and initially I took the stories I heard with a pinch of salt but over time I came to realise that the people telling me these stories weren’t idiots. Jean and I went to conferences in America for ten years and learned all sorts of things,’ said Sam, a former tea and coffee merchant who also played semi-professional football for Stockport County’s reserve side in the early 1960s.

On one of his trips to America he saw his first UFO, close to Roswell in New Mexico where a UFO is alleged to have crashed in 1947. ‘It was about the size of my little fingernail and the colour of a star,’ Sam said. ‘I saw it move and stop a couple of times before it shot off at a tremendous speed. It was a very impressive sight.

‘The only other UFO I have seen was in St Annes when I was out for a meal with friends and one who had gone outside to smoke came rushing back in and told us all to go outside. In the sky was a similar thing to the one I saw at Roswell. We watched it for about five or six minutes before it shot away.’

Sam has a wealth of stories and anecdotes to call upon, each possibly more outlandish than the last, but he says it’s important to have an open mind. ‘Some of the things you hear don’t seem to add up but if you don’t dismiss them and keep them tucked away in the back of your mind, you might hear something else years later that adds to the story. I believe there is definitely some truth in the stories I’ve heard. I have spoken to people who have seen crash debris and the bodies of ETs.’

He has a piece of debris from a UFO which crashed in Wales in 1983 – an incident referred to among those in the know as Europe’s Roswell. It is a tiny scrap of metal, about 5mm square, which he says has been analysed and found to contain about 14 different minerals, six of which are not found on earth.

‘I find it frustrating that alien life forms are so secretive,’ Sam added. ‘It’s all so puzzling. There are some strange, strange stories out there which just used to be denied and governments could make life awkward for you if you spoke about things they wanted to keep hushed up. Now though, people are talking out more so maybe we will discover the truth.’

Five of Sam’s stories

The United Nations had its own space fleet and they watched the moon landings in 1969 from space. The captain of that fleet was Mark Richards and he has been imprisoned in America for almost 30 years. Many people believe he was jailed on trumped up charges to stop him speaking out about what he saw. He met four ET races, three of whom were friendly but one which was hostile. The hostile race later came back to our space and there was a battle over the China Sea. He also saw the buildings on the dark side of the moon.

People can travel to Mars in under an hour via a device called The Lift and they have found an intact underground base which was used by ETs many years ago. ‘I’m not totally convinced about this, but I’ve got an open mind and it is very interesting,’ Sam said.

During the Vietnam war the US army used clones which had been created in America and were programmed to kill anything they saw.

President Nixon met ETs wearing blue uniforms at an airbase in Hawaii and spent half an hour on their craft with them.

NASA knows of at least 40 different extra terrestrial races, including Greys and Tall Whites. ‘There are two underground bases at Area 51, an American air base in Nevada – one for the Greys and one for the Tall Whites,’ Sam said. ‘I have been told by someone who worked there that the oldest ET living there is about 180 and they have families there and schools for the young ones. ‘They can’t understand why we eat dead meat. At night I was told that about half a dozen of them came above ground and pushed a button on their belts. They rose up into the mountains and gathered the herbs they live on.’

The Probe International conference is at the YMCA on St Albans Road, St Annes on March 28 and 29. For more information go to ukprobe.com.