Guests left the first Lancashire Life Wellbeing Day feeling happy, relaxed and rejuvenated. The event was held at the Wellbeing Farm in the hills above Edgworth and gave business leaders from across the county an afternoon away from the usual stresses and strains. 

We worked with Lancashire Mind to organise the event and the charity’s new chief executive David Dunwell welcomed the 30 guests before they took part in a series of sessions. 

The sessions gave an insight into body posture and mindset, mental health and wellbeing in the workplace before a guided meditation. 

The Wellbeing Farm was the brainchild of Celia Gaze, a former NHS director who transformed her partner’s family farm into an award-winning stress-busting oasis.  

It’s now an award-winning wedding and events venue and Celia said: ‘It’s a fun, unique and sustainable venue and people seem to be really catching on to that ethos of sustainability. 

‘We have 16 weddings booked in for April and more than 100 taking place here this year. Couples are increasingly keen on weddings that are sustainable.’ 

During lockdown Celia discovered the B Corp movement which gives accreditation to companies that are committed to making a positive impact for their staff, their community and the environment. 

‘People are seeking out businesses they can trust and having B Corp status is a clear sign of that. It’s a global movement that is only going to grow and I have been astounded by the impact we’ve seen since we received the accreditation. We have had so many enquiries from couple looking to get married here and from companies wanting to hold events here.’ 

And Amanda Wilkinson, the sales and marketing manager at Lancashire Mind, said: ‘The feedback on the day has all been really positive. The setting was wonderful, the food was gorgeous and everyone seemed to get something from the event. 

‘The question and answer session after lunch was very popular, with lots of questions put to the panel which was made up of David Dunwell, our wellbeing coach lead Miranda Ringwood, workplace wellbeing and training lead Karen Arrowsmith and Emma Bateson who leads our fundraising team.’