Oldham seamstress Gladys Hinde has passed her mantle to granddaughter Stephanie whose latest collection of children's wear has a royal stamp of approval

The royally talented Stephanie Hinde has her grandmother to thank for her abilities. Gladys Hinde, now aged 95, not only taught Stephanie to sew but gave her a love for traditional and vintage-style children's clothing that has become a brand and a business.

Great British Life: Stephanie and Gladys. Photo: Holly DwyerStephanie and Gladys. Photo: Holly Dwyer

Arthur Benjamin & Co, named after Stephanie's younger son, is creating children's clothes fit for little royals. In fact, the latest addition to Stephanie's growing offering – sailor outfits for girls and boys in navy blue – is called the Coronation Collection and Buckingham Palace approved her use of the King Charles III coronation emblem on the designs.

'I was taught to sew by my grandmother when I was around six years old,’ says Stephanie, who lives in Oldham. ‘She was a seamstress during World War Two, and went on to open her own shop creating children's clothing for all the neighbourhood. She practically made everything I wore when I was younger, and when I had my own two children she helped me create clothing for them too.

Great British Life: Modelling the clothes on the platform at Oldham. Photo: Holly DwyerModelling the clothes on the platform at Oldham. Photo: Holly Dwyer

'I have a huge love for traditional and vintage clothing, and I just couldn't find it anywhere for my two boys, William and Arthur, so I began designing for them with Nan's help. I began making for friends and family, just as she had some 60 years before. At first I just showed my pieces on Instagram (@arthurbenjamincompany) but there was so much interest I started up the business full-time.'

Stephanie designs all the Arthur Benjamin & Co pieces and hand-makes them, mainly using deadstock, surplus fabrics and locally sourced fabrics.

Great British Life: The Coronation Collection. Photo: Holly DwyerThe Coronation Collection. Photo: Holly Dwyer

'If I am doing a collection, I call in back up,’ she adds. ‘I started the business sewing at my dining table until the early hours but now have a beautiful family-run studio I work with in Manchester which will make my designs if I need bigger quantities.

'Nan still helps me and still sews, using the only machine she has ever owned, which was bought as a gift by my grandfather in 1955. She used to make clothes for all the children in her street and then years later she would see new generations of children wearing those same clothes because they had been passed down.

Great British Life: Stephanie makes clothes from children aged from 12 months to six years. Photo: Holly DwyerStephanie makes clothes from children aged from 12 months to six years. Photo: Holly Dwyer

‘That is what I am aiming to achieve. The collections are all small quantities and are for children aged from 12 months to five or six years, but I am planning to expand into baby wear.

'I have been invited to exhibit at the Royal Windsor Horse Show this month (May 11 to May14) and feel so honoured. It really is my idea of living the dream.'

* The Arthur Benjamin & Co. collection starts from £42, arthurbenjaminandco.co.uk

Great British Life: Stephanie named her brand after after her younger son. Photo: Holly DwyerStephanie named her brand after after her younger son. Photo: Holly Dwyer