This is an easy two mile walk along flat surfaces. Make sure you wear sturdy footwear or wellingtons as rain may make parts of it a little boggy.

Start by the kiosk in the Witton Park Arena. Turn left here and walk towards the footbridge that crosses the river Darwen.

On the far side of the bridge, turn right. Walk along, with the river to your right. Keep an eye out for trout and sand martins. You will pass another bridge but don’t cross it. Eventually, you will see a tubular metal footbridge over the river on the right.

Before crossing this, continue straight ahead to cross Tower Road, to reach Butler’s Bridge, named after the Butler family of Pleasington Hall. Return from here to the tubular footbridge.

After crossing it, turn right towards woodland. Follow a narrow path through the woodland, which will take you down some steps and over a stream via a little bridge.

You will now come to the first of two kissing gates – perfect for those doing the walk on Valentine’s Day! A kissing gate only allows one person through at a time and romantics say it received its name because the person who goes through first can traditionally ask for a kiss from the person following. More practically minded folk say it’s because the hinged part merely kisses both sides of the enclosure, rather than being securely latched.

Go through the kissing gate and walk straight ahead through the meadow towards woodland, until you come to the second kissing gate.

Go through and then turn right. You will come to a stone bridge, cross it and join the surfaced path.

Head towards Snowy the Crow sculpture. Continue straight to join the main drive, following it back to where you began. More details of this and other walks can be found at

On the southern edge of the Ribble Valley and about 30 miles from Manchester, the area is easily reached by the M65 motorway, the A677 and the A675. Both towns have railway stations which are well served and buses run directly from many locations including, Manchester, Bolton and Chorley.