Begin at St James Church in Haslingden and follow the path through the grounds. Take the exit on the left and continue left, up the hill, until you see the sign for The Halo. At the sign, turn left and then left again: this is Higher Lane. Continue along it until you see a gate on the right. Go through and follow the path. The path will divide but both sections will take you to The Halo.

The Halo is a panopticon, designed by John Kennedy and is a well-known local landmark, although those who aren’t familiar with it sometimes mistake it for a UFO!  The mistake is understandable, as its futuristic design does resemble a flying saucer. Made of steel and spanning 18 metres, its blue LED lights come on as dusk falls.

Turn right at the information board and take the tarmac path which heads left. There are great views from here. At Cribden End Farm, go through the gate, continuing straight until, on your left, you see a gap in the wall. Go through the gap and keep right until you see a signpost. Here, you need to turn back on yourself, going down towards the woods. Follow the path through the woods, exiting through the gate.

Find the path running beside the farmhouse, going through first a small gate and then another. Follow the downhill path towards another gate, which will go alongside Rossendale Ski Slope. You are now on the Shoe Trail Walk – a nod to Rossendale’s shoe making industry. Follow it until you see the way marker for Haslingden Old Road. Cross here and turn right, then left at the public footpath sign, making your way on to Bury Road and back into the town.

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Rossendale is north of Bury and approximately 40 minutes by car from Manchester. The M66 leads directly to Ramsbottom and Rawtenstall: other locations within the area are easily accessible from here. There are no rail links but it is well served by buses.