What started as doorstep dinners, swapping meals with friends in lockdown, as well as cooking food with global flavours for locals has grown into cookery classes, wine tasting events and private dining bookings for Jess. The 33-year-old art, graphic sand food teacher turned chef, based in Thornton, has taken her love of travel and food and turned in into Scran doing everything from children’s pizza classes, fresh pasta and bolognese workshops and Italian Get-Togethers where you can learn how to make arancini balls, Genovese fresh pesto salad and apricot and prosciutto salads. She also works with Borrow it Blackpool, providing community cooking classes. Here she shares her food loves.

Tells us a little about Scran?

During lockdown we had an extension built on our house which created a beautiful entertaining space but, due to lockdown restrictions, we couldn’t use it as we intended. We started swapping dinners with friends and they would return the favour. Around a similar time, I watched a documentary about street food in South America with a lady cooking from a tiny kitchen to feed some builders who were in the local area for a few months. Our newly built kitchen was sat there unused, and we both had experience of cooking for large groups. The next day I put my design skills to use by creating a logo, Instagram page and completing a Health and Hygiene certificate.

Cheeseburger spring rolls were the first item we sold. On our first night we were delivering around the Fylde coast; we had a row of cars outside the house, a deep fat fryer and a spreadsheet. We loved it. Each week we would devise a different menu, usually inspired by our travels around the globe.

Eventually, as the world started to return to normal Scran took a backseat as our weekends became busy. But in January 2023, I was a stressed-out teacher reflecting on my lifestyle. I knew I couldn’t go back to the original format of Scran, but it still felt like it had a place in my life. Whenever we travel, we always aim to eat as much local food and quite often do cookery classes. The idea came to me that if I could learn to cook in someone’s home would people like to come to my kitchen to learn, too? So, Scran School began.

First dish you learned to cook?

Beans on toast! I am a huge fan of baked beans. When I moved up north to move in with Mr Scran, he bought me a large tub of them.

Most vivid childhood food memory?

Eating butterscotch Angel Delight with sprinkles. The sprinkles would go in the middle, I would eat around them to make a moat to leave the island in the middle.

Most memorable meal out?

The seafood platter from The Potted Lobster in Bamburgh after seeing it on The Hairy Biker’s Go North programme.

Favourite ingredient?

Cheese, it makes everything better.

Your go-to snack?

Crisps or chunks of cheese dipped in mango chutney.

If you weren't running Scran, what would you be doing and why?

Eating my way around the world, one street food market at a time.

Your dream dinner guest, and why?

Dave Grohl. The nicest man in rock and roll and at the forefront of the grunge era. If he’s not available, David Attenborough is always welcome.

What's your guilty food pleasure?

Eating coleslaw from the tub and cold curry.

Who are your Lancashire food and drink heroes?

The team from The Cartford Inn in Little Eccleston. It is always fantastic service, beautiful food and surroundings. I have date night memories here, too. Wallings at Cockerham – I couldn’t understand why we were driving so far for ice cream; it all made sense when we got there. I always take friends and family who come to stay with us here. Farm Yard Brew Co, also in Cockerham. I love their entrepreneurship, brilliant venue and top branding – I’m a font snob!

A place you love to eat?

Sat outside on a cobbled street in Italy with simple food and a glass of wine.

A career highlight?

Doing a talk on Scran to a high school business studies class, I never thought I would be creating a presentation about my little business. Hosting our first wine tasting nights with JK Tasting Events was great fun also.

What's next?

I have recently handed my notice in for my teaching position so I can concentrate on Scran, my travel blog and the work I am doing with Rise – a group for women in business and those wanting to progress in their careers. I am looking at opportunities to work on improving food in schools and prisons, food education is something I am passionate about.

Jessica’s favourite dish

This changes daily, but I love the process of making a risotto but what I love even more is the ingenuity of the Italians with this dish in making arancini balls. They took a dish and made it even better by adding even more cheese and deep frying it.