10 things to do in the garden during June

Coming up roses ((with pic))

As we’ve seen at the Chelsea Flower Show, an English country garden filled with romantic roses never goes out of style. There are some gorgeous varieties to choose from this year, including the golden Arthur Bell, David Austin’s pure white Desdemona, flushed pink Olivia and Gabriel Oak which is a deep cerise.

Happy partners

Lavender pairs really well with roses because they require similar growing conditions, with full sun and well-draining soil. Munstead and Hidcote are two very good varieties that will last up to 10 years if you don’t forget to prune them.

Purrfect plant

Nepeta, commonly known as catmint, is a hard-working perennial that will thrive in free-draining soil and full sun. In the right conditions, it can flower right through to October. The zesty scented plant is also a big favourite with our feline friends.

Flower power

Summer bedding is in full flow and the garden centre is brimming with Geraniums, Begonias, Marigolds, Lobelia and Petunias to fill your containers and hanging baskets. Make sure to deadhead regularly and add Vitax Q4 plant food to ensure the best blooms. And don’t forget to water regularly.

Great British Life: Buddleia, the butterfly bush. Buddleia, the butterfly bush. (Image: Getty)

Blooming buddleia

Also known as the butterfly bush, the fragrant flowers of Buddleia are a wonderful source of nectar for wildlife. This undemanding plant comes in a wide range of colours including purple, blue, pink and white and even yellow.

Water wisely

If you’re planning a holiday, maybe think about installing an irrigation system. Fitted with a timer, this will enable you to control when and how much your garden is watered. Alternatively, ask a neighbour.

Grass roots

I like to feed the lawn now as the warmer weather means there’s a better chance of germination. Scrape any moss off bare patches and add a layer of good topsoil or lawn sand and level off before applying seed and working it into the soil. Water well.

Salad days

You only need a little space to grow a lot of lettuce. There’s still time to sow seeds directly in the ground or to speed things up buy a pack of little plug plants.

Weed control

The extra warmth and light will give weeds a boost so try to keep on top of them now to avoid being overrun in July. Shallow hoeing in dry conditions will kill most weed seedlings.

Cream of the crop

It’s a good time to start feeding your strawberries with Vitax Q4 liquid fertiliser. With any luck you’ll be enjoying freshly-picked strawberries and cream in time for Wimbledon. Happy days.

Great British Life: Nemesia 'Wisley Vanilla'. Nemesia 'Wisley Vanilla'. (Image: Getty)


Nemesia ‘Wisley Vanilla’

As you walk into your garden on a warm summer’s day, the powerful scent of vanilla will greet you from this pretty little plant. There’s nothing stopping you planting it in a container if you don’t have much space.