Local property expert Jonathan Hopper from Garrington discusses why more movers are using a property finder in a changing property market

Whilst its usual for aspects of the property market to fluctuate, buying a house when the supply levels and prices are changeable can be a challenging undertaking for many buyers. A professional property finder will provide guidance and assurance to their clients throughout the process of finding and buying a home.

Gaining exclusive access to opportunities

Having relationships with a wide array of industry experts and an unrivalled knowledge of their own local markets, established and reputable property search consultants frequently have access to exclusive and rare buying opportunities, providing clients with a competitive edge over unrepresented buyers.

Expert information on local areas

Whilst the advantages a property finder can bring to a relocating buyer who is unfamiliar with an area are more obvious, many buyers overlook the difference between ‘local knowledge’ and ‘local property knowledge’. A property finder will swiftly bring clarity and objectivity to a search by aligning their local property knowledge of housing availability, styles, sizes, and average prices, with a client’s requirements and budget.

Professional negotiation

How much is the right amount to offer? In a changing market, buyers often find themselves unsure how much they should offer for a property, and a professional advisor can give welcome guidance. A property finder will conduct thorough due diligence to establish the price range a property of interest should currently sit in, and offer tactical advice throughout negotiations. Whatever the situation may be, and however much competition is present, a seasoned buying agent will have the experience and knowledge to manage these pressured and sometimes emotional periods when procuring a property.

Saving time and hassle

Finding and securing the right property is only half the battle when moving home, and typically around a third of transactions fall through between going under offer and exchange of contracts. A professional property finder represents a buyer’s best interests throughout a transaction by advising on solutions to problems, brokering sensitive conversations, and sourcing specialist advisors when unusual questions are raised. An experienced and pragmatic voice of reason, they will also advise a buyer when it is time to walk away from a purchase, which can prove invaluable when making one of life’s largest transactions. 

Advice for discerning buyers

Engaging a professional property finder undoubtedly enhances a buyer’s purchasing status, and at Garrington we strongly recommend that our clients instruct other reputable experts to support all elements of their purchase.

An independent surveyor, an effective and communicative solicitor, and an efficient and knowledgeable financial advisor are all valuable members of the professional team a buyer should surround themselves with. Together with a dedicated property finder, they can ensure that when a buyer finds a home they wish to purchase, they are provided with the best possible advice to make well-informed decisions.

If you are considering your property-buying options and would like more information about how to better navigate your local property market, contact Garrington to arrange a no-obligation discussion.