What to look for when buying new windows

Buying new home improvement products is a real investment so it’s essential homeowners across the UK have a good understanding of the different options available to them. When it comes to purchasing new windows there are hundreds of styles, designs and colours to choose from – and this only relates to how they look. In terms of performance, there are even more elements to bear in mind.

Window and door specialists, Everest, have explored some of the key points homeowners should consider before signing on the dotted line and agreeing on what new windows they’d like installed in their home.

‘uPVC windows can last anywhere between 20 and 30 years so it’s important homeowners truly understand what they’re investing in,’ explains Anthony.

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‘We always encourage people to explore how the windows will look and how well they perform. It’s also important to consider what they need their new windows to do and the problems they want to address in their home. With this knowledge homeowners will be sure to have the confidence that they’ve made the right decision.’

1. Window styles and aesthetics

The way windows look is vital because they have a big impact on both kerb appeal and the value of a property. Reviewing the full design options and styles is essential to ensure homeowners find windows that perfectly suit their home and personal taste.

2. Security and safety

One of the best ways for homeowners to identify if a window is safe and secure is if it is PAS24 and Secured by Design certified. Any windows with this accreditation mean they have been rigorously tested to ensure they can protect a home from unwanted intruders.

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3. Energy efficiency

Modern high-performing windows combining quality glass with a specialist window frame are fantastic for maximising a home’s energy efficiency. Windows with a low U-value are brilliant at retaining heat inside a property, whereas a high G-value can maximise free energy from the sun via solar gain. Everest offers the ability to select the type of glass used depending on a homeowner’s personal preferences and the indoor environment they’d like to create.

4. Noise reduction

Those living next to a noisy road, train line or airport will also need to make sure their replacement windows can help to mitigate this outside noise. Coated double glazed windows are great for significantly reducing external sounds and can therefore help to create calmer living spaces.

Investing in high-performance windows

With a better understanding of how each of these key elements plays a fundamental role in a window’s performance, homeowners will be well equipped to invest in new windows that meet their specific needs.

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If you’re a homeowner on the hunt for replacement windows, Everest offers a wide range of options and choices allowing you to design and configure a window that not only looks great but also delivers high-quality performance. For more information visit everest.co.uk