Supermodel and all-round British national treasure, Kate Moss, is celebrating her 50th birthday,

“I’m not turning 50,” Moss, who rose to fame in the Nineties, said in a recent interview with the Sunday Times. “No. I’m not thinking about it. I do not feel 50.”

It’s hard to believe she’s marking such a milestone, but the Croydon-born, mum-of-one has swapped catwalks and London parties for a more holistic life in Oxfordshire. So how does she look after herself? Here are her wellbeing secrets through the years.

Morning tea and meditation

“I don’t look back. I’ve reflected a lot on the past but now I like to be present, live in the now. I’m being present in the moment, seeing things, being mindful,” she says on her skincare and wellness website Cosmoss, where she also sells her infamous Dawn Tea, her drink of choice for first thing in a morning.

The tea includes hibiscus flowers, crushed bay leaves and ginger roots, designed to help energise the body, strengthen skin, hair and nails and maintain immunity.

“I find taking these few moments to myself really helps me prepare for my day,” she told Porter Magazine.

Though it took her some time to find the type of meditation that works best, she now practices transcendental meditation for 10-15 minutes, where she repeats a personalised mantra. She has said that it helps to build the discipline to stop and be “in herself”.

Manifesting and daily affirmations

Spending a lot of time in the make-up chair throughout her modelling career means that fashion’s former wild child has learned plenty from the best MUAs in the industry.

Moss says it was Charlotte Tilbury who taught her about manifesting and affirming herself.

“If you believe enough, the universe will deliver,” Moss said in an interview for Harper’s Bazaar.

The wellness entrepreneur also created Love Letters for Cosmoss – a set of 150 daily affirmation cards curated by Moss and contributors from fashion, philosophy and the arts – in order to support, share and inspire.

Crystal charging

Moss, who has appeared on the cover of British Vogue over 40 times, also keeps healing crystals, which she charges under the moonlight.

“I put all my crystals on a tray and put them outside in the garden,” the model said during her Sunday Times interview. “Just cleansing the crystals, charging the crystals.”

Her favourites include rose quartz, which represents compassion and love, and melonite, which is meant to channel protective and grounding properties.

Wild swimming

It seems Moss, who has been the face of Calvin Klein and Chanel, has taken her bucolic lifestyle to another level.

Since moving to Little Faringdon in West Oxfordshire, where she is surrounded by outdoor space, she has taken up wild swimming and growing her own vegetables.

Moss goes wild swimming “in a secret place, in the middle of lots of fields and only the villagers are allowed to use it”, according to the Sunday Times, which has many surprising health benefits, such as improving blood pressure and fat levels in the blood.