With energy prices increasing year-on-year, is there a way to reduce them without compromising on your quality of life at home?

We spoke with Tom, director of Smart Homes Electrical, electrical supplier and installer, shares how you can harness solar power from the sun and reduce your reliance on the local electricity grid.

Boasting over two decades of experience in providing cutting-edge solar solutions to both commercial and domestic clients, Smart Homes Electrical trains all their team in-house without the need to subcontract any work externally.

Why install solar panels in my home?

The benefits of solar panels extend beyond environmental consciousness; they offer substantial financial advantages. By generating their own energy, homeowners can significantly reduce energy costs with utility providers. Additionally, surplus energy can be sold back to the grid through the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), resulting in a financial return.

Great British Life: Where can I install my solar panels?

We offer flexible solutions for solar panel placement. Whether it's roof mounting or ground-mounting, our team can adapt to the unique characteristics of your property. We can install solar panels on either:

  • Roof-mounted panels 

These are installed on unshaded areas without alterations to the existing fabric. This method not only reduces annual consumption but also generates income through energy exported to the grid.

  • Ground-mounted panels


This is an alternative for homes where there isn’t enough roof space or it’s in a shaded area. This is particularly favoured in farms and large properties where ample ground space is available. The process involves obtaining planning permission for ground-mounted panels, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

What makes your solar panel installations so effective?

Smart Homes Electrical emphasises the importance of battery-focused solutions. Batteries enable homeowners to shift the pattern of energy usage, storing excess energy for evening use. During winter months, batteries can be charged from the grid on an economy night-time tariff, optimising energy usage when costs are higher. Moreover, batteries can act as a backup during power outages, providing electricity to the house and reducing dependency on the electrical grid.

Great British Life: Why choose Smart Homes Electrical to install my solar panels?

As a business, we take pride in our highly trained, experienced team and our unwavering customer focus, helped by a dedicated support team – a rare find in the solar industry. This ensures our clients receive personalised attention and a seamless experience throughout the installation process, from start to finish.

Recognising that every property and energy demand is unique, Smart Homes Electrical offers bespoke packages. Their approach involves designing systems tailored to the specific energy demand and the property's capacity to support solar solutions. This ensures that each installation is not only efficient but also customised to the client's needs.

Great British Life: Tom Mastin, director of Smart Homes Electrical.Tom Mastin, director of Smart Homes Electrical. (Image: Smart Homes Electrical)Are there any grants available for installing my solar panels?

One frequently asked question is regarding government grants for solar panel installations. Although this is an area that is in constant flux, there is one grant that’s available for farmers across the country. The window to submit applications for this grant extends until the end of March 2024, providing an opportunity for eligible farmers to receive support for their solar initiatives.

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