I've just spent a few days with the new McLaren Artura, and after some thought I’m going to say something that I’m not sure I’ve ever said. It’s quite simply the best car I’ve ever driven. It's without doubt one of the most impressive pieces of enginnering I’ve experienced and it was a real wrench giving it back.

Sure, driving a McLaren is always going to be a great experience, but this one was a little bit different. Mid-engined as usual, but then the differences: all-wheel-drive and… hybrid?

Yes, the Artura is a hybrid supercar that combines stunning looks, incredible performance, and class-leading technology. Believe it or not, this thing (nicknamed by most people I talked to as the Bat Mobile) averaged around 48mpg and I wasn’t driving it gently. It also only costs £20 a year to tax. I mean, the price tag of £225k is a big initial outlay, but running costs are at least manageable in terms of fuel and tax. Insurance I’m not going to look at, but would assume it’s a little pricey, and the tyres… a full set will knock you back north of £1,200…

Great British Life: McLaren ArturaMcLaren Artura (Image: McLaren)

But back to the actual car. The Artura is powered by an all-new 3.0-litre V6 engine, paired with an electric motor. The combined output is 671 horsepower, which is more than enough for anything up to and including track use. And with the all-wheel drive, the handling is simply immense. It also goes from zero to 60mph in just three seconds, pinning you to the seat at the same time.

But the Artura is more than just a fast car. It's also incredibly well-rounded. The ride is surprisingly comfortable, even on rough roads – it even copes with potholes - and the handling is simply sublime. The Artura quite literally feels like it's on rails.

The interior of the Artura is just as impressive as the exterior. The cabin is beautifully appointed, with high-quality materials and finishes. The seats are supportive and comfortable, even on long drives.

Great British Life: McLaren Artura on the roadMcLaren Artura on the road (Image: McLaren)

The Artura is also packed with technology. The infotainment system is one of the best in the business, and it includes features like Apple CarPlay. Overall, the McLaren Artura is an incredible car. It's fast, luxurious, and packed with technology. If you're looking for a supercar that can do it all, the Artura is a perfect choice.

It’s also neighbour-friendly. It can be driven (for about 19 miles) in pure electric, and therefore if there is charge in the battery, it will always start in EV mode (unless you’ve just filled up with petrol, in which case it starts the engine automatically as it needs to vent the fuel tank). Even then, having started in EV mode if you switch immediately to sport, the engine will fire up, but still not rev under your right foot. Then you notice the text in the display: ‘Engine conditioning’. When this is lit, the engine is busy circulating oil and fluids, warming everything up and making sure it’s ready to go. Then 30 seconds later, it fires up properly and you can really go for it.

So, to sum up: stunning performance, fast and agile, an absolute blast to drive and comfortable even on a motorway or pothole-laden B-road, full of tech and a comfortable cabin.

If you're in the market for a new supercar, the McLaren Artura is definitely worth considering. It turns heads and put a smile on my face every time I had to drive it.

Oh, and if you do buy one, please can I borrow it?

Great British Life: McLaren Artura interiorMcLaren Artura interior (Image: McLaren)

Tech & Spec

Model: McLaren Artura

Base price: £189,200

Model on test: n/a

Price on test: £221,800

Engine: 3.0 litre twin-turbo V6 with Axial Flux E-motor

Power: 671bhp + 94 from E-motor

Torque: 720Nm + 225 from E-motor

Max speed: 205mph (electronically limited)

0-62mph: 3.0 seconds

Emissions: 104g/km

Fuel consumption - combined mpg: 61.5mpg

Fuel capacity: 66 litres