With warmer weather reviving our creative energy and putting us in a sunny mood, now’s the time to take your interiors to the next level with playful updates, stylish touches and pops of colour to elevate your outdoor space.

Here’s what’s hot in homewares and leading the way in furnishings…

Boldly patterned melamine dinnerware set illustrating Fun Fusion trendBoldly patterned melamine dinnerware set illustrating Fun Fusion trend (Image: Valspar/@gems_home_story/PA)

1. Clean Girl aesthetic

Inspired by the vibe of off-duty models, the Clean Girl trend is sophisticated and stylish, yet understated, says Anjelica Delfino, paint and interiors expert at Valspar Paint.

“This aesthetic is definitely more of a lifestyle than a fashion statement, and so it also extends to our interiors – a key part of the Clean Girl trend is minimalism and neutrals.”

This is easily infused into the home by opting for a neutral colour palette with accents of linen and wools to soften the space, says Delfino.

“Layering these textures elevates the home, ensuring it feels homely and comfortable, yet curated and luxurious – our homes are places of protection, but also of rejuvenation from our busy and fast-paced lifestyles.”

“Decorating with indoor plants will also help create a calm atmosphere making your space feel more zen.”


Kitchen with rustic furnishings illustrating Wabi-Sabi trendKitchen with rustic furnishings illustrating Wabi-Sabi trend (Image: Valspar/@harnhamhouse/PA)

2. Wabi-sabi styling

“The ethos of wabi-sabi has become increasingly popular in the interior design world and dates back to a traditional Japanese worldview,” explains Delfino.

“It’s all about celebrating the beauty of imperfection and the natural world.”

Wabi-sabi is known for its simplistic approach, she says, embracing the unique qualities found in natural materials, which creates a tactile and organic feel in home decor.

“If you want to introduce wabi-sabi into the home but aren’t quite prepared to part with your belongings, an easy place to start is with decor,” suggests Delfino.

“Pairing a fresh, brilliant white with a deep, rich brown creates a sophisticated yet understated look.” She continues. “Nature is also a huge part of this aesthetic, so refresh the mind with accents of soft greens that blend seamlessly – and bring the natural world into the home, resulting in a calming interior.


Plush green velvet sofa with vibrant decor illustrating Maximalism trendPlush green velvet sofa with vibrant decor illustrating Maximalism trend (Image: Sofology/PA)

3. Maximalism

Colour has been at the heart of many trends this year, paving the way for a new wave of maximalism in our homes, highlights Gisela Lancaster, head of buying at Sofology.

“Better known as Maximalism 2.0, this will be the summer of intricate patterns, bold colours and abundant textures.”

The one step change to previous years will be an avoidance of anything too overwhelming, says Lancaster, so here are three tips to achieve the right balance in any living space.

“Start with a cohesive colour palette to help connect the curated clashes in a calm and contemporary way – geometric scatter cushions, graphic curtains, bold wallpaper and a bright sofa can all work together as long as your colour palette remains concise.

Lancaster continues: “Don’t shy away from lime and orange citrus shades when it comes to furniture and furnishings… energising pastels can add real zest to both contemporary and traditional schemes, while welcoming the sunshine into our homes.”

“Mix modern pieces with reclaimed and vintage finds to add character and depth to these bursts of colour and pattern,” she adds.


Boldly patterned melamine dinnerware set illustrating Fun Fusion trendBoldly patterned melamine dinnerware set illustrating Fun Fusion trend (Image: Wayfair/PA)

4. Fun Fusion

The Fun Fusion trend is gaining popularity, and fast, says Daniela Venturini, art director and trend forecaster at Wayfair.

“In a time where people are keen to create personal sanctuaries and escape the doom and gloom of the real world, this optimistic style brings playful reassurance and a sense of light-hearted spontaneity,” enthuses Venturini.

“Think bright colours and sculptural shapes to recreate the look!”

Fun, refreshing and accessible whatever your budget, she says it’s also ideal for outdoor spaces – both big and small.

“Extending that sense of self with a statement planter or some choice accessories, from bold drinking glasses to durable textiles, makes this an easy aesthetic to recreate.”


Vintage look barware and dresser illustrating Retro Glam trendVintage look barware and dresser illustrating Retro Glam trend (Image: Wayfair/PA)

5. Retro Glam

“There’s a reason Retro Glam is a strong trend for this season and beyond, breathing playful nostalgia and reassuring comfort into our homes when we need it most,” notes Venturini.

“As more and more people seek familiarity, this considered combination of classic design, traditional detail and contemporary accents really appeals.”

To set the scene, think vintage-look lighting and pretty crystal glasses nestled next to neutral furniture, says Venturini, anchoring that drama for a harmonious finish.

“It’s easy to achieve this look outdoors too, whether you have plenty of room or playing with a smaller space.

“Simply mix jewel-tone velvet cushions with a wicker garden sofa, balancing textures and colour to create just the right amount of eccentricity – choose fancy glassware to add a touch of class.”

Fancy flutes illustrating Retro Glam trendFancy flutes illustrating Retro Glam trend (Image: Wayfair/PA)