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Norfolk is one of Great Britain’s hidden gems.

Tucked out of the way, the county’s wide, sandy beaches, big skies, open fields, busy market towns and pretty little villages are treasured by those in the know.

For more than 20 years Norfolk Magazine has been telling the stories of the county through the amazing, talented, skilled and hard-working people who populate it. With 80 miles of beautiful coastline, the place is a magnet for artists, photographers and writers. With thousands of acres of water, The Broads brings fun-seekers, holidaymakers and wildlife watchers. With its ancient, historic heart Norwich draws lovers of heritage (and excellent independent shopping!) With great writing and superb photography, we capture the spirit of Norfolk and what makes it great, taking in fine food and drink, places to go, things to see and treasures to marvel at.

If you live in Norfolk, our magazine will open your eyes to new experiences every month. If you don’t live here, it will make you want to.

If you’re looking for the best of the county, Norfolk Magazine is all you need to know.

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