Sales manager Daniel Lunn reveals how the exclusive, luxury holiday homes at Somerset’s picturesque Cookswood Estate could hold the key to unlocking your future.

Can you tell us a little more about the Cookswood Estate?

Cookswood Estate is a remarkable, 450-acre gated community set in the Somerset countryside. It offers homeowners a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in stunning woodland and lakeside views. Elizabeth and Alistair, two of our first homeowners, were captivated by the estate after just one visit, with each return making the surroundings appear even more beautiful! Cookswood is not just a place to live; it’s a haven for relaxation and exploration. Plans are in place to develop on-site amenities, including a restaurant, pool, spa and farm shop. The estate is located near popular tourist spots like Bruton, Bath, Glastonbury, Frome and the renowned Babington House. There are also great railway links to and from London!

Great British Life:  Cookswood Estate holiday homes Photo: Cookswood Cookswood Estate holiday homes Photo: Cookswood

What are the holiday homes like?

Cookswood offers seven distinct house types, ranging from 1,280 to 4,400 square feet of internal living space. Prices start from £500,000, and each home has been designed with sustainability at the heart of its design. Our homes use locally sourced construction materials, have EV charging points, and feature high-quality insulation. The open-plan interiors maximise natural light and offer breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Buyers can also customise various elements of their homes, from layout to fixtures and fittings, with the assistance of our dedicated Design Team.

How can the homes help you invest in your future?

Aside from providing a rural retreat for the family, Cookswood homes offer the potential for high-paying investments. With the rising popularity of staycations, there’s an opportunity to earn up to £5,000 per week by letting your property. Cookswood’s specialist team provides a fully managed service, taking care of all the details and saving you time and stress. Cookswood owners Cliff and Claire told us that it’s so lovely to escape London every now and then and the moment they step inside the house, all pressures of work lift away and the tranquility and joy of being in the Somerset countryside just wash over them.

Great British Life: Inside one of the Cookswood Estate holiday homes Photo: Kate Stuart PhotographyInside one of the Cookswood Estate holiday homes Photo: Kate Stuart Photography

What will buyers need to consider?

The freehold nature of the plots results in lower tax bills compared to pre-built holiday homes. Each Cookswood House comes with a 10-year guarantee, offering peace of mind. There are also significant stamp duty savings, and as the properties are self-built, VAT is zero-rated, further reducing costs. With plans for up to 143 homes on the development, the value of your property is very likely to grow over time, making it a secure investment. Specialist finance options are also available for those seeking a mortgage, and the sales process is designed to be straightforward and stress-free. To find out more about Cookswood Estate and embark on your own adventure, consider booking a private tour with us.

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