Wellington is the home of charity, Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership (SASP), and it’s a community we are proud to be a part of. SASP work closely with a number of Primary Care Networks in Somerset and is pleased to be working in partnership with doctor surgeries in Wellington and the surrounding areas. Our health and wellbeing coaching service supports people with long term conditions to access physical activity to promote and protect their health, with new opportunities being provided for those in Wellington in the past year, including the popular sessions, ‘Womens Wellness.’ This is a programme designed to support women to move more and to have a greater understanding of both the physical and mental health benefits that being active can bring.

We want to help women to move more in ways that suit them, but also break down the barriers women in Somerset are currently facing. We create a supportive community that contributes to a sense of belonging. As women break stereotypes and defy age-related expectations, they find joy and fulfilment in their commitment to a more active lifestyle, proving that staying fit is a timeless pursuit with countless rewards, and the Somerset Health Walks programme can also contribute.

Great British Life: The SASP community welcomes all ages and all abilities to join the walks. The SASP community welcomes all ages and all abilities to join the walks. (Image: Joseph Madge)

Each week in the Wellington area, walkers have an option to join a Level 1 walk or a Level 3 walk on a Monday or Thursday.

The Level 1 walks can be up to 2 miles with flat or gentle slopes, no stiles and ideal for those able to complete 30 mins with minimal stops. The Level 3 walks are slightly lengthier at 3 - 4 miles often with fields and hills, moving at a quicker pace and with possible stiles – these are considered intermediate walks, ideal for those with good walking fitness and able to complete 60 - 90 minutes with minimal stops. Around 30 walkers and walk leaders meet just before the start time, register and listen to the safety briefing. Wellington Park is a sprawling green space that provides a serene escape from the hustle and bustle. The park's well-maintained paths wind through meadows, offering a tranquil setting for your walk. When the walkers have decided what distance and pace they would like to walk, the trained walk leaders set off, supported by back and middle markers, this ensures no one is left behind and all wearing SASP and Somerset Health Walks High Viz.

Great British Life: There are two ponds separated by a walkway, set in several acres of open countryside to explore. There are two ponds separated by a walkway, set in several acres of open countryside to explore. (Image: Sarah Crossley)

1. The Level 1 route leaves Wellington Park at the main gate and walk down the track past the secondary school.

2. Next take the pass with the school on your left and the recreation ground on your right. At the end of the footpath, turn right and walk along the pavement of Exeter Road towards Rockwell Green.

3. Turn right up the lane opposite, Hilly Head and go through the gate on the left and follow the path across the field, going through the next gate in the wall and follow the path over the hill and down the hill towards the trees. Cross over the small foot bridge with the houses on your left and continue along the footpath that leads to the right, keeping the stream on your right-hand side.

4. Continue along the path, making two crossings over the water. Go through the gate and take the path straight ahead between the Basins, and then turn right into the path between the skate park and the sports centre.

5. Continue on the path into the nature area, follow the path through the area as it curves around to the left and through the trees into the recreation ground. Walk along the left-hand side of the ground towards the steps and go up into the park. Take the path through the park towards the gate at the top to finish.

The route is just over a mile and a half with average moving time of approximately 45 minutes with extra stops to take in the views across Rockwell Green and Hilly Head.


1. Following paths and well-trodden tracks

2. Parking is ample

3. Paid refreshments available at the Garden Coffee House in the Cleve Hotel

4. This route is dog-friendly – be aware of the water!

5. Slight incline during the walk – complete at your own pace