When a book publisher telephoned me and asked me if I could come up with 237 ideas for kids activities across the county, I'll be honest, I did pause for a little while before accepting the book offer. I'd like to think that I know our county pretty well but 237?! As most British folk usually do when faced with momentous decisions, I flicked on the kettle. Once armed with a strong brew I took myself off to my favourite spot in the garden under the apple tree, opened up my notebook and got to thinking about where we've taken the kids over the years. The list began with iconic entries; my mind focused on those landmarks which stirred memories of family picnics and sunny days: Glastonbury Tor, Burrow Mump, Deer Leap, Dunkery Beacon, Wellington Monument. Then I thought about all the customs that make our county so truly unique and wassailing, morris dancers & mummers, and the Minehead Hobby Horse joined the page.

With my mind skipping through the seasons and acknowledging that our county is so connected to the land, I soon found my pencil flying across the paper as more and more of our cultural activities joined the collection; have you collected whortleberries on Exmoor? Followed a willow trail on the Levels? Joined a punkie night procession in South Somerset? A look into our history unveiled many more family outing ideas, jumping on board a replica Viking ship at the Avalon Marshes is exciting, as is playing soldiers on the coast at Brean Down Fort. Climbing up the 205 steps of King Alfred's Tower to feel super tall, or defending your own castle at Nunney are both key day trips too. As my list grew in to double figures not only did I know that I'd be thrilled to write this, my first book, but I was also proud to do so. Somerset does on occasion get ( wrongly!) overlooked in favour of its neighbouring counties, but now I can, hand on heart say, there are 237 wonderful reasons to love our county and I wish you and your families many happy days out together as you make further acquaintance with the wonderful county that we all call home; Somerset.

Great British Life: Climbing up King Alfred’s Tower, for stunning views over Somerset and neighbouring counties, is just one of the 237 ideas listedClimbing up King Alfred’s Tower, for stunning views over Somerset and neighbouring counties, is just one of the 237 ideas listed (Image: Rachel Mead)


Whether you're an outdoorsy family trekking down rugged footpaths, or a family that prefers to stay on well-trodden pavements, I guarantee you'll find something or somewhere new to explore. You're also very likely to say, 'Well, I never knew that was there!'

Written with grandparents, parents, carers and children in mind, the book can be the kind of thing you keep in the glovebox for when you find yourselves out and about somewhere new, or it can be something you flick through together to help plan out those (endless!) school holidays. In fine weather, this book promises to get your kids well and truly off their smartphones and out in the fresh air. And, by being broken down into seasons, there are also plenty of rainy day suggestions too. With a handy map covering the entire county, it's easy to locate where in Somerset the activities can be found and, there's a concise directory including sat nav address and web addresses so you can check out the opening times before you set off. Plus, more than half of the activities are free or low cost so grab a water bottle, arm yourself with your favourite snacks, and enjoy your explorations, as a family!

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Great British Life: 237 ideas for stuff to do and places to go in Somerset237 ideas for stuff to do and places to go in Somerset (Image: Little Legs Publishing)