In this festive edition, we meet some Christmas canines that bring a little bit of magic to their human homes.

Great British Life: Canine ChristmasCanine Christmas (Image: Unsplash)

Hestia, Sussex Spaniel
This lovely girl Hestia is part of a vulnerable British native breed - the Sussex spaniel. She is a comical little clown who makes her humans laugh every day! As happy curled up on the sofa as she is hiking the Yorkshire countryside. She adores Christmas with all the wrapping because paper is her favourite toy! Follow her adventures on Instagram @hestiasussexspaniel

Great British Life: HestiaHestia (Image: Zoe and Hestia)

The Sausage Squad, Smooth Haired Dachsunds
Meet the sausage squad - five sassy sausage dogs from Harrogate. They might look the same, but each of these adorable sausages has their own unique personality. Their favourite things are climbing mountains, frolicking on beaches and snuggling up together with their human. Follow their shenanigans on Instagram @_sausage.squad_

Great British Life: The Sausage SquadThe Sausage Squad (Image: Harriet Birch)

George, Shih Tzu
This handsome hound is eight-year-old George who can be found residing in Ripon with his family, Sarah, Mick, Harvey and Daisy. He’s at his happiest sitting on this 'throne' (the sofa arm) keeping guard of the house, barking at every person and leaf that passes by. He can be a grumpy, stubborn old man but can be usually warmed around with a slice of pizza or cheese.

Great British Life: GeorgeGeorge (Image: Sarah Meegan)

Jack, Labradoodle
This little fella is an 11-year-old first-generation labradoodle who lives in Alwoodley, Leeds with his human pack. He's rather partial to cuddles, cheese and chicken - especially at Christmas time when there's lots on offer. Long walks in the woods are his favourite and he's always very friendly to everyone he meets . . apart from the postman, he's not his biggest fan.

Great British Life: JackJack (Image: Maz Jackson)

Ringo, Cavapoo
Fluffball five-month-old Ringo lives with his adopted family in Roundhay, Leeds. His favourite toy is his squeaky teddy which he takes everywhere, but what he LOVES most are snuggles and ham. Please be nice about his Christmas jumper - it has pink and gold pom-poms on the back and he thinks he looks ever so smart!

Great British Life: RingoRingo (Image: N/A)

Penny-Beyoncé, French Bulldog / Willow, German Shorthaired Pointer / Beaubeau, Jack Russell
The sassy ringleader of this gorgeous girl gang is Penny-Beyoncé whose middle name says it all! When she’s not eating, she’s sleeping, and most probably dreaming about food. Willow is the youngest at two years old and her favourite things are tennis balls and Penny. Little Beaubeau is the one-eyed wonder and bosses everyone around, including her human, who she accompanies everywhere - even to the gym!

Great British Life: The naughty girl gangThe naughty girl gang (Image: Alice Pinder)