How foodies in York are dreaming up new ways to serve the Sunday roast classic.

Tourists come to York in their millions every year, for some it is the grand York Minster Cathedral, for others it is the iconic Shambles, but now there is another reason why thousands of visitors are flocking to the city.

People have been travelling for hours across the country to get a taste of the YorkyPud™ wrap, a social media sensation that has gained worldwide recognition.

This giant Yorkshire pudding wrapped around a choice of succulent meat is the brainchild of the father/son team at The York Roast Co, Wayne and Stephen Chadwick.

The numbers involved with the YorkyPud™ are certainly impressive, a BBC clip that featured the delicacy has been viewed over 19 million times, and the wrap was featured on both The One Show and ITV’s This Morning.

The YorkyPud™ comes with an accompanying sauce, stuffing and a choice of roasted vegetables or fresh red cabbage slaw and a drizzle of rich gravy; favourites include the pork YorkyPud™ and beef YorkyPud™, both served with roasted veg.

The York Roast Co have two locations in the centre of York, in Stonegate and Petergate; and they are certainly reaping the rewards of all this new found publicity, at some points in the day, hungry diners are queuing up the street for a chance to taste this modern twist on a Yorkshire classic.

Meanwhile, over at York’s historic Shambles Market, the UK’s first Yorkshire Pudding street food is set to launch on Yorkshire Pudding Day.

Daft Puddin’ is the new venture by award winning chef Jason Hartley, who formerly working in advertising. The idea came to Jason when he noticed that there was a lack of street food that was unique, modern and British. His food is inspired by his parent’s heritage from opposite sides of the Pennines and the diverse cultures that call the North home.

Jason takes inspiration from cultures from far and wide such as North Africa, the Caribbean and the Southern U.S. as well as the mining communities of South Yorkshire.

His signature dish: The Pits is a dramatic all black creation featuring a charcoal Yorkshire pudding filled with slow cooked rare breed pork infused with smoky, chocolatey flavours from Mexico and a seam of melted black cheese made with charcoal from the Featherstone mines in Yorkshire.

There are also sweet variations, including the Tudor Rose: Frozen Yorkshire Rhubarb mousse, white chocolate mousse, vanilla Yorkshire pudding with a rhubarb and strawberry glaze and sauce and the Tykes T & Biccies, that includes Yorkshire Tea infused ice cream. He is, of course, planning to serve the ever popular traditional roast in a pudding – albeit with refined touches such as grated bone marrow on top.

The Daft Puddin’ street food trailer will sit on a permanent pitch and will be open 7 days a week in Shambles Market.

With the rising popularity of innovative food, could the famous Yorkshire Pudding become an even bigger draw than the traditional tourist spots of York?

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