Slaithwaite, called ‘Slawit’ by those in the know, is a vibrant village that packs a punch. Our guide is Lucy Haslam, who with husband Tim owns Acorn & Pip, a children's emporium with a popular cafe  

Great British Life: Huddersfield Narrow Canal at Marsden - a waterside walk from SlaithwaiteHuddersfield Narrow Canal at Marsden - a waterside walk from Slaithwaite (Image: Getty)


There’s nothing I like more than opening the shop and feeling like I’m watching the village wake up too, watching the cyclists and the early morning, walkers enjoying the canal and sometimes the treat a canal boat passing by. Since we opened in 2018, I've seen the village evolve while steadfastly preserving its quintessential Yorkshire allure. Creativity and craftsmanship flourish here, evident in the eclectic array of local businesses that dot the streets, each a testament to the community's ingenuity and spirit.

The canal draws locals and visitors for leisurely strolls with children to hikes through the valley and beyond. A fantastic way to start the day in Slaithwaite is with a walk but first off grabbing a delicious coffee made by our neighbours, coffee roasters, Darkwoods - you can’t visit the village without trying a cup! Our store is included in the Indie Coffee Guide 2023, so you can tick that off your list too. Grabbing a hearty breakfast is a must; our favourites are a lemon crumpet or veggie sausage sandwich.

From Slaithwaite you can take a 30-minute stroll down the canal to Darkwoods, a pilgrimage to the coffee roastery, followed by a refreshing pint at Zapato Brewery, where there are often pop-up eateries and a good crowd. This is a great walk as you get to see so much of the valley and the famous Huddersfield Narrow Canal.


Slaithwaite has been famous for its Ale Trail for many years and whilst it is still a popular stop on the trail, there’s plenty more reasons to spend the day with us! As the afternoon unfolds, Slaithwaite comes alive with its independent shops, cafes, and restaurants. The village boasts some excellent food choices such as Rumpus, Destination, Anello and Nom where you can’t go wrong!

For families, Slaithwaite offers so many fun things to do from great spots like Spa Park to the simple joy of cycling along the canal at the heart of the village.

Great British Life: Plenty of places to eat and relax.Plenty of places to eat and relax. (Image: KGphotography)


As the day draws to a close in Slaithwaite, the pubs in the village fill up, such as the Shoulder of Mutton or Wine, The Little Bridge or Northern Sole to name a few. And so do the restaurants. Our favourite family friendly spot is Anello, a bustling pizzeria focusing on local ingredients, their small plates are out of this world!

Sense of place:


Venturing beyond the canal's edge reveals the true beauty of this Yorkshire village – the surrounding hills are almost on the doorstep. There are many incredible walks around the valley, even taking a quick left or right off the canal can find you wandering amongst the lanes, moors and sheep for hours. You won’t get lost - find the canal or listen out for the train and you’ll be back on track to find your way back to the village. If you’re looking for a walk to take in all the sights, there are some great spots in the surrounding area which are worth a stop. Marsden is within walking distance, making Standedge Tunnel a great destination.


Having a stroll around Slaithwaite, hunt down antiques shops with their treasure troves of goodies. Slaithwaite is known for its rich industrial history, specifically in the textile industry, and there are many mills around the village, some still in use. The most notable mill is The Globe Mill on the canal which was built in the late 1800s. This mill is slowly beginning to be occupied and hopefully it will become a central part of the community again. It’s a really impressive building and you can’t miss it.


If you’re looking for a base for your stay, check out A Place in the Pennines, a suite of luxury lodges in Marsden - the perfect spot for getting into the moors and exploring the local landscapes. whether you’re walking, biking, or just having some time off.

Mustn’t miss:

Acorn & Pip. The concept store, by the canal, is an inviting social space with plenty going on for families every day.

June 1

The Scouts host a Duck Race in Spa Park - a huge and fun-filled spectacle! Hundreds of people turn out and follow the ducks down the river.

February 2025

Moonraking is Slaithwaite’s famous festival. The next Moonraking Festival will be in February 2025. It was started 30 years ago by Satellite Arts with Slaithwaite Community Association. The festival now takes place every two years (in the odd year) and has grown and developed into an exciting celebration of creativity, crafts and storytelling. Now an independent, charitable organisation run by local people, the Slaithwaite Moonraking Festival has embraced a role in profiling the uniqueness of Slaithwaite as a place to live, work and visit.