The power of flowers is celebrated across the UK and Ireland on Saturday, June 8 2024

Local florist Sarah Richardson who runs Leafy Couture based in Otley, West Yorkshire will be joining 1000 other Flower Magicians when the flower industry comes together on June 8.

The first ever awareness campaign for the floricultural industry, National Florist Day, will celebrate all that is wonderful about flowers, floristry and of florists and showcase the skill and magic that goes into it!

Because Flower Power is unique; goose bump inducing blooms that are used to celebrate every single life event; happy to sad, weddings to birthdays, new babies to exam successes and all the ‘just because’ purchases for a natural, healthy ‘pick-me-up effect’ only flowers can give.

And it is local Flower Magicians like Sarah who make the magic happen and not only create the most amazing creations but make sure customers have the very best, most wonderful, and totally affordable flowers they can buy.

Commenting on their involvement in National Florist Day Sarah said; “I’m absolutely thrilled to be chosen as a floral ambassador for National Florist Day on 8th June. As well as making our gorgeous customers’ flower-filled dreams come true, our flower school helps florists all around the country to expand their skills by sharing our knowledge. At Leafy Couture we’re all about inspiring others and spreading flower joy to all. The day for us is a chance for us to shout about floristry and help nurture future florists and businesses.”

In fact, as Caroline Marshall-Foster, Editor of the industry’s leading journal, The Florist Trade Magazine and Founder of National Florist Day says: “There is there something magical about working with flowers, and florist shops are often at the heart of every community. Not only purveyors of beautiful blooms but engaging with everyone, across all ages and often seen as a safe place for a drop in and chat. Add in the fact that there is simply no occasion where flowers can’t convey a message; be it “I love you”, “I’m sorry”, “Congratulations”, “you’re amazing” or “thinking of you”, and you really can “say it with flowers” every day.”

National Florist Day is the industry’s way of sharing that fabulousness and showing the public that there is so much more to flowers and floristry than meets the eye. That behind every bloom is an army of flower magicians waving their wands to create floral goosebump moments every day of the week.