Cheshire Life magazine was launched 90 years ago with this message: 'Devoted to the interests and activities of the County of Cheshire'.

There have been many changes in the intervening years but those words are as relevant to what we do month in, month out, as they were nine decades ago

People, places and positivity are embedded in every issue... and it is the stories of Cheshire people of all ages – the volunteers, charity organisers, entrepreneurs, good neighbours, public servants, artists – that truly shape our content and are at the heart of every issue.

The Cheshire Life Champions Awards are a way of saying thank you to these groups and individuals and we will honour them at an awards dinner at The Cheshire View, at Christleton, near Chester, on Thursday, May 16. There are 10 categories, nine to mark the decades of Cheshire Life and a tenth to toast our future.

Please send us the names of your own heroes via the QR code  or link below and join us in this celebration of life in Cheshire and Cheshire Life. The closing date for entries is Monday, March 4, 2024.

Joanne Goodwin, editor

Cheshire Life Champions Awards 2024 nomination form

Great British Life: The Cheshire Life Champions 2024 QR codeThe Cheshire Life Champions 2024 QR code


Child/Teenager of the Year – This award celebrates the resilience and efforts of young individuals who have overcome adversity or contributed to their community. Acknowledging the valuable contributions made by those 18 and under, the honour underscores the significance of young people in shaping and enhancing our local communities.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year (aged 30 and under) – Designed to honour young entrepreneurs and professionals, this category highlights and celebrates the outstanding achievements of individuals who demonstrate success, innovation, and dedication. Whether they have founded a start-up, exhibited exceptional leadership skills, or made significant contributions to their industry, the award acknowledges the remarkable impact of younger people in shaping the future of business.

Courage Award – This category is open to individuals who have surpassed expectations, defeated personal challenges or jeopardised their own safety to assist others. Nominations are welcomed for members of the public, teams, or emergency services, who have shown exceptional dedication and courage beyond the ordinary demands.

Charity of the Year – Recognising the hard work and dedication of a charity whose staff and volunteers demonstrate innovation and best practice and improve the lives of others.

Neighbour/Local Hero of the Year – This accolade will go to someone who, by giving up their free time, has made a significant contribution to other people’s lives or their community and who always shows a willingness to help and build supportive relationships with people who live around them.

Community Project – The award that honours community or voluntary groups that have made a substantial positive impact. It seeks to honour people who have come together within their community and who demonstrate the potential for improving lives when there is collaboration. The category is open to charities, voluntary organisations and community groups.

Independent Retailer of the Year – Acknowledging independently owned retailers in any sector that is not part of a national chain or franchise. We are seeking businesses that show an understanding of customers' needs and go above and beyond to provide excellent service.

Culture Champion – Open to creative artists and professionals working within creative, cultural, or leisure businesses or organisations, this award recognises and applauds contributions to the world of arts and culture, whether an innovative artist pushing the boundaries of creativity or a dedicated worker in a cultural or leisure enterprise.

Public Service Award – The award acknowledging the exceptional efforts of a public/health/emergency service team, or an individual working in one of these industries, in making a significant contribution to benefit the people in their area.

Cheshire Life Champion – The recipient of this award will be chosen from all finalists.


Cheshire View is located just four miles from Chester, nestled in the countryside with panoramic views of Cheshire.

For more than 15 years Cheshire View has been the venue of choice for weddings, family occasions and corporate events.


The awards will be hosted by Leanne Campbell, award-winning radio host, performer, voice-over artist and social media ambassador who is appearing via the power of projection as genie of the mirror in Aladdin at St Helen’s Theatre Royal until January 14.

Great British Life: Leanne Campbell who will host the 2024 Cheshire Life Champions Awards. Steve Timmins M8 StudiosLeanne Campbell who will host the 2024 Cheshire Life Champions Awards. Steve Timmins M8 Studios