Who can benefit from life counselling?

Teignmouth Counselling

Teignmouth Counselling - Credit: Archant

Aimee Pagliari of Teignmouth Counselling has been working as a counsellor for 10 years and we’ve spoken to her to find out who can benefit from such therapy

Teignmouth Counselling

Teignmouth Counselling - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Based in the large seaside town and fishing port of Teignmouth, Aimee Pagliari is a fully-certified counsellor who first began working as a hypnotherapist a decade ago before turning her hand to counselling, life coaching and working as a doula.

Every counselling session that Aimee runs is guided by a holistic approach that ‘focuses on the mind, body and soul, taking into account every aspect of who you are and what you are made up of, your past, present and future creating a treatment plan that treats you in your entirety as opposed to focusing on one issue and resolving that one issue’.

While her life coaching services typically focus on elements external of an individual to improve one’s career or business aspects, counselling is concerned with improving something internal to you.

‘If you want to focus more on yourself as a person or if you want to overcome some trauma I would recommend counselling,’ says Aimee.

Teignmouth Counselling

Teignmouth Counselling - Credit: Archant

While counselling is certainly beneficial to someone going through something traumatic, it can benefit pretty much anybody. Aimee says: ‘Everyone can benefit from holistic therapy, everyone is going through something, and we can help someone transition from who they are into who they want to become.’

Every session will be tailored precisely to your needs and after working hard in sessions and at home, you’ll soon develop the skills to give you ‘a lot more confidence and coping, especially with situations that are out of your control,’ says Aimee.

‘If someone came into counselling with an anxiety disorder I would help them set up boundaries, set them exercises to take home and track what situations they feel anxiety in with a lot of treatment being talk therapy and exercises.’

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The benefits of holistic treatment are not just skin deep, instead you can ‘delve a lot deeper into who a person is and all their experiences as a whole person rather than a person with a particular issue, allowing us explore greater range of treatment options such as meditation, yoga and hypnotherapy’.

Despite the numerous benefits of holistic counselling, many people still know little about it and are reluctant to contact anyone about the potential of such treatments.

‘There is a stigma around it but I would say do your research and see how this has benefited people and if you’ve got questions feel free to ask,’ said Aimee.

‘Don’t shut yourself off from this entirely, look further into it and if you come up with any questions or concerns, email me.’

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