Alex Polizzi works with two Devon businesses in new TV series The Fixer

Alex Polizzi at Hunter’s Brewery with owner Paul Walker.

Alex Polizzi at Hunter’s Brewery with owner Paul Walker. - Credit: Archant

Two Devon businesses come under the spotlight of legendary TV presenter Alex Polizzi in a new series launching soon, as ALEXIS BOWATER discovers when she speaks to her

Alex Polizzi is warm and funny, guffawing with mirth at the memory of working with some Devon businesses in her new series The Fixer, out in September.

The two she visits and helps - or tries to, more of that later - couldn’t have had more extreme effects on her!

One, a micro-brewery in Ipplepen, left her with new lifetime friends. The other reduced her to depths of despair and frustration never seen before in her television career.

“It is a luxury beyond compare to work with someone who is nice,” she tells me of the Hunter’s Brewery team. “It was a joy for me to work with them, I love them.”

The family and business are now on the up thanks to Alex’s straightforward business advice. “I have to say pretty difficult things in this series and have to say they were just so good to work with.”

Not so the Singing Kettle Tearooms in Torquay which, without giving too much away, Alex reveals led to some anger on her part, admitting it was “the only time in my seven-year career that I got so cross that I had to apologise afterwards”.

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It sounds riveting viewing and I, for one, can’t wait.

Alex Polizzi: The Fixer starts on Monday 1 September at 9pm on BBC Two, and runs for six weeks.

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