Ria Hebden's fight to survive Dancing on Ice skate-off this weekend

Ria Hebden

Bradford's Ria Hebden faces a skate-off this weekend - Credit: ITV

Bradford's Ria Hebden, the Yorkshire girl who is wowing the rink with professional partner Łukasz Różycki faces a Dancing on Ice skate-off this weekend. 

Ria is a well-known face presenting Entertainment news on ITV’s Lorraine, and co-hosts ITV’s All Around Britain. Last weekend she dazzled judges with her first skate.

Ria appeared in the first show skating to Treat People With Kindness by Harry Styles. The pair were awarded an impressive 24.5 our of 40 for their first skate - and judge Jayne Torville said, ‘I loved that you smiled all the way through and you gave a great performance.’ 

Though she faces the skate-off this weekend, she told fans on Twitter, 'We didn't come this far to only come this far! Lukasz and I are so looking forward to showing you our next skate this Sunday.'

Her ice dancing days started in Bradford, ‘As a kid my grandparents used to take me to Bradford Ice Rink in West Yorkshire. It’s a very nostalgic thing for me because of those memories but as an adult? Goodness, the last time I went was probably about seven years ago at the Natural History Museum and I think I did more drinking of mulled wine than skating. It’s going to be learning a new skill and learning how to skate properly which I think is really cool.’ 

For Ria, the appeal of the show is definitely the sparkle. 

‘I’m such a girly girl, I love all the glitz and glamour of it and I also like to push myself to do new things. This is an exciting challenge where I’m hoping to go on a journey and learn more about myself. Have you watched over the years and always fancied having a go? I have. I never thought I’d be asked to though!’ 

She’s no stranger to danger – or the thrill of a challenge having recently jumped off Tom Daley’s ten metre diving board at the London Aquatic Centre. 

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‘That made me think good God Ria, you do scary things sometimes. That’s quite extraordinary. The Olympian Michael Gunning messaged me and said - Ria, you should be really proud because I train in that pool and I’ve never even dived off that board. That’s when I realised that was mega.’ 

 She has two children who will be watching - Noah is 11 and Lula is four. 

‘I’m always saying to them you’ve got to try new things and encouraging them and supporting them. It will be really nice to go on this journey and have them supporting me.’ 

Her family was in the audience and it’s a family affair as well as a national spotlight says Ria,  ‘Me and my daughter Lula have set ourselves the challenge of learning how to do the splits. It’s something I never learnt to do as a kid and she’s come back from nursery and is trying to do it. So, we’ve got some yoga blocks and we spoke to a coach at the Aquatic Centre so we’ve been practising. It’s a daily thing isn’t it, just practising and getting that flexibility. And for me learning to do amazing lifts properly and to spin - all that will be great.’