Visit Cornwall's Malcolm Bell began his post Christmas health binge a bit too early

Visit Cornwall’s Malcolm Bell began his bucket list for 2016 a little early - with disastrous results

All too often after the indulgences of Christmas, people talk about the need to detox and recover. Many of us make it their New Year resolution, to put their body back in shape!

Well in the run-up to Christmas a very close friend told me that they had been on a detox weekend and it had made an amazing difference. They told me about the weekend and how they had been truly tested, having to make a radical change of diet with strange smoothies, green for go in the morning, with wheatgrass shots and the removal of all caffeine and processed food.

This sounded like my idea of hell and I have to say that I’ve been very cynical about these detox exercises and the claims that they can change your life! I know that there are many health and well-being detox events and venues, and that many people find them very powerful and therapeutic, however I have always thought that maybe this was just marketing and spin and only suitable to those with a vulnerability wanting quick cures. So I asked my friend to tell me more about it so that I could unpick the myths from the facts and was this more about a change of mind and attitude rather than diet and akin to a very nice form of brain washing. They told me told me that they had gone through two or three days a severe headaches feeling quite rough, but stuck to it and then they recovered and found they had more energy, a clear mind, less stressed and altogether feeling a lot younger, fitter and more active. So being the cynic that I am, I decided there was no need to go on a detox weekend and I would do it the Cornish way and save money. So I took it all on board, and the first thing I did was to stop drinking tea or coffee, even though I drank very modest amount of tea, which was always very weak, I felt I wouldn’t feel much different.

Boy, oh boy, was I wrong, I had the headache from hell for two days followed by a very strange light-headed feeling and even though I was compensating by drinking lots water and eating fruit, I didn’t feel any better!! I thought I must persevere for a few more days, and so I did, and I carried on eating a few fruit and veg based smoothies, eating no processed food, mainly raw vegetables, and fruit which I like and staying away from too much carbs.

After four days I started to feel different, the headaches and light-headedness had gone and I was sleeping far better and I had more energy. The strangest difference was the loss of the afternoon lull and feeling tired and lethargic from 4 o’clock until 7 o’clock. Even under pressure I found I was less stressful and slightly less irritable and most importantly in control of my emotions at all times.

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So I am now on week three, my cynicism was proved completely wrong! I find myself feeling livelier, less stressed, more in control and losing weight. I hope that in another few weeks I will shed the desired stone in weight and the inches from my waist!! Looking at the picture above there may well be a need for a new photo to replace it in the Spring, and maybe, just maybe, podgy Bell will have gone forever. So if you are feeling a bit depressed after Christmas try Bells home made and cheap Cornish detox and maybe you, like me will gain more energy, lose weight and feel better!