Julie's Legacy Launch - Somerset Breakthrough Breast Cancer

Julie's Legacy Launch, Thursday 24th February 2011 at BASC Stoddens Road Burnham on Sea Somerset at 7.30pm.

Julie’s Legacy Launch 

Thursday 24th February 2011


BASC Stoddens Road Burnham-on-Sea Somerset at 7.30pm

Julie was extremely kind hearted and would be there for you at any time. She always gave people the benefit of the doubt, never judged and always found the good in people. Julie was a special woman; she helped other people to cope with breast cancer and convinced them to carry on with treatment when they were thinking of giving up.

Julie was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2007.

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In the summer of 2008 Julie joined the Somerset Breakthrough Breast Cancer group she arrived with a bottle of wine in hand and a huge smile. She got frustrated with us at times as Julie was a perfectionist and as a group we were a bit laid back. Julie settled in with our group and we were shocked to hear about her breast cancer.

Julie explained to me that she didn’t know that the dimpling she found on her breast was a sign of breast cancer; Julie like hundreds of women today thought you had to find a lump to have breast cancer. When Julie joined us time wasn’t on her side, the cancer had spread to her spine  and her liver.

Julie had already had operations on her spine to insert eight titanium screws and two rods followed by Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy. Julie had 5 attempts at Chemo.

Julie said “Treatment has made me feel like I have a second chance at life” and for a while it did as it allowed Julie to marry the love of her life Iaine and they travelled to some of the places she had always wanted to.

Julie lost her fight Thursday 15th April 2010 aged 35.

As a group we were all stunned by her death, we were expecting to see her at the Fashion Show we were holding at BASC in May, we hadn’t seen Julie since our Ball in December which with Julie’s help was a fantastic success as it was the group’s first ever Ball.

I kept thinking about her and came up with the idea of Julie’s Legacy to promote breast cancer awareness across Somerset and put it to our group who of course agreed without hesitation   and it is even more fitting now as earlier this month it was announced that breast cancer now affects 1 in 8 women.

Julie’s Legacy was born and today with support from Tessa Munt MP, Bernie Nolan, and Cllr Michael and Mrs Maria Clarke, Cllr Joe Leach,  Lib Dem Cllr Candidate, and Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s Touch Look Check campaign the Women of Somerset will know that to have breast cancer you don’t JUST have to find a lump. -------it’s as simple as TLC

.    TOUCH  your breasts.  Can you feel anything unusual ?

.   LOOK  for changes is there any change in shape or texture?

.  CHECK anything unusual with your doctor

We would like local Businesses Schools Collages in fact anyone who is able to place a poster/s to put up in your cloakrooms or any suitable place and help us to spread the message of Touch Look Check please contact 01278 793870 Christinepiper@sky.com


Please help us to fulfil Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s motto:

 “ a future free from the fear of breast cancer”

Bernie Nolan of the wonderful Nolan Sisters and now touring in Calendar Girls sent this message…..

“Life is so important. One day I noticed dimpling on my breast and I nearly ignored it but something told me NO and I went to my GP who on checking found a lump which resulted in my having 6 months of Chemotherapy followed by a Mastectomy and Reconstruction.

"I am supporting Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s Touch Look Check campaign which can save your life as it tells you the signs of breast cancer. The earlier breast cancer is diagnosed, the better the chances of beating it, so please Touch Look Check because life is so important.    Please support the Somerset Breakthrough group who do such fantastic work promoting & fundraising to make a difference to breast cancer” 

Tessa Munt MP sent this message…..

“Breast Cancer affects so many families and each of us will know someone whose life has been affected by breast cancer. It’s so important that everyone, women and men  Touch Look Check  so that any problems can be caught early.

The Somerset Breakthrough Breast Cancer group does fantastic work and raises an amazing amount of money to campaign and support people with breast cancer and I’m honoured to support their work.”


Cllr Michael & Mrs Maria Clarke, Mayor & Mayoress of Burnham on Sea and Highbridge sent this message……

“We are truly proud to be involved with Breakthrough Breast Cancer;; the work carried out by this pioneering charity is really helping to save lives. Promoting education and awareness are vital in the fight against breast cancer and Breakthrough is making a difference.”

The Somerset Breakthrough Breast Cancer group was formed in 1997 by Christine & John Piper.  Group members Susie Loosley, Holly Brown and Holly Macbeth have been with our group for a long time, however Julie’s husband Iaine, her sister Hayley and brothers in law Marc & Colston along with friends Andy and Eugene joined our group in June last year and helped us to add to our impressive �260,000 for Breakthrough Breast Cancer. 

On behalf of The Somerset Breakthrough Breast Cancer group I would like to say Thank you to BASC and Burnham-on-Sea Rugby Club for their continued support for the last 14yrs and supporting us with Julie’s Legacy Launch.

Breakthrough Breast Cancer is the UK’s leading Breast Cancer Charity

Breakthrough fights on three fronts _ Research Campaigning & Education

In 2010 Breakthrough launched the IBreastCheck – the iphone app that encourages breast cancer awareness and shows you how you can check your breasts.




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