Brighton Fringe: Towerblock Art Open House

Visit this unique open house, on the ninth floor of a towerblock!

Towerblock Art Open House is the highest exhibition in town; the ninth floor of a Brighton tower block!

Many local artists will be showcasing their artwork in this very unique space. Such artists include;

Liw Banks, who is a screen printer that paints onto fabric and paper, with a sense of fun and a twist on nature. All screen prints are done by hand.

Patrick Bremer, who uses mixed media, collecting pictures from magazines and newspapers and building them into a collage of layers using light and dark to complete the picture.

Kelly Burgess, who is an etcher and a collographer. She individually prints all of her images. She is inspired by Chinese ribbon dancers.

Serena Sussex, who is an Award winning artist, specializing in oil painting, will be exhibiting some of her latest art work images of paragliders from the South Downs and landscape.

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Towerblock Art Open House is at 53 Wiltshire House (9th floor) Lavender Street, Kemptown, Brighton, and will be open to the public every Saturday and Sunday, 12-6pm during the May Open House Art festival.


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