Sculptor Janine Creaye is the maker of the month

Flame Headed Daybronze

Flame Headed Daybronze - Credit: Archant

Wood and stone carving are Janine’s main areas of expertise. Based in Forest Row, she has over 30 years of carving experience.

Trettin seat

Trettin seat - Credit: Archant

Although much of her commissioned work is for public sites, she is always working on smaller carvings, as a way of experimenting and developing style and form.

“Symbolism, the impact of the overall shape and the pattern of tool marks are important to me,” says Jane of her influences. “My work is always simplified and stylised to make a direct impact. I have travelled a lot in South East Asia and India and am always interested in the similarities of style and meaning in sculpture to that of the Gothic west. In many ways I want to bring this universality to my work.”

In terms of her public art, she talks about it having “some power within the space and influencing the mood of the visitors, but not overwhelming it,” going on to say that she likes the work to be “experienced in various ways, including looking through and around, to touch the varying tool marks, to provoke discussion on the themes.”

The themes come from research, which often includes consultation, discussion and practical workshops. Janine trained in Fine Art Sculpture at the University of Northumbria and in Public Art at Chelsea School of Art. She is a professional member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors. She has received Arts Council Grants four times and co-ordinated group projects with grant funding four times.

Janine has exhibited widely, and her sculptures can be seen in: Guildford town centre; Tilgate Park, Crawley; at Sussex Wildlife Trust’s headquarters in Woods Mill, near Henfield; in Buchan Country Park; Horsham Park; and The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust at Arundel.

For more information and commissions, contact Janine at 07966 439858 or 01403 864345;