Join famous faces including Amanda Owen walking in Yorkshire

Programme Name: Winter Walks S2 - TX: 29/11/2021 - Episode: Winter Walks S2 - Amanda Owens (No. Aman

Amanda Owen by a drystone wall next to the Marsett Lane footpath sign - Credit: BBC/Atypical Media Ltd/Tim Smith

I'd call it the best thing on TV at this time of year - the fabulous Winter Walks series is back on our screens with its slow-paced strolls through Yorkshire's landscape.

The easy-going style of its well-known presenters gives us a glimpse of famous faces taking some time off and sharing gentle chat as they take a walk with just a hand-held 360' degree camera for company.

In the space of half an hour we share landmarks, weather patterns, some heartfelt memories and the simplicity of a country walk that has meaning and exploration at its heart.

It feels intimate and calming and you almost feet the sleet or sunshine on their faces as their boots crunch through gravel, grass, trail and track. The soundtrack might be a rushing waterfall, birdsong or bleating sheep.  

The newest series (available on BBC iPlayer so you can call on it when you need a moment of calm), joins Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda Owen who is the perfect guide to explore the landscape of Wensleydale including Semer Water and Raydale. 

She takes ancient routes first made by the Romans and meets fellow sheep farmers and exchanges notes on their shared occupation.

As she walks across the Dales with her 360-degree camera, she describes what life is like living and working in this landscape. She takes her time to tune in to the soft sounds and scenes of the rolling hills, finding fossils in the stones below her feet. Crossing over the Dales, she drops down to Semer Water, ending her walk on the pebble banks as the water laps at her feet.

 Watch Amanda Owen's Winter Walk 

Programme Name: Winter Walks S2 - TX: 01/12/2021 - Episode: Winter Walks S2 - Rev. Kate Bottley (No.

Rev. Kate Bottley at Middleham Castle, Wensleydale - Credit: BBC/Atypical Media Ltd/Tim Smith

Tonight, the Rev Kate Bottley heads of Middleham in Wensleydale and Alistair Campbell talks about how walking and the outdoors helps his mental health as he visits Catrigg Force in the Yorkshire Dales near Settle. 

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Says Campbell, Alastair Campbell says: ‘A winter walk in the county of my birth… what’s not to love? Something definitely happens to the mind when you’re walking. It’s also remarkable how quickly you get into the feeling that it’s normal to be walking along talking to yourself. It’s almost like interviewing yourself. I did find I opened up with myself much more than I thought I would.’

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Programme Name: Winter Walks S2 - TX: 30/11/2021 - Episode: Winter Walks S2 - Alastair Campbell (No.

Alastair Campbell at Catrigg Force Waterfall - Credit: BBC/Atypical Media Ltd/Tim Smith

The programmes are made by Atypical Media which is based in Leeds. Future episodes will include walks with Jim Moir and Steph McGovern.

* Winter Walks is a co-commission by BBC Four and BBC England. It has been produced by Atypical. The four-part series is available on BBC iPlayer. Kate Bottley's walk will be broadcast on Wednesday December 2 at 7.30pm on BBC Four.