5 interior updates for your home this spring

Interior updates for spring

Interior updates for spring - Credit: Archant

Frauke Golding, owner of Hampshire Furniture, shares her tips for updating your home for spring.

Declutter and organise

Declutter and organise - Credit: Archant

Spring has finally sprung, and rumour has it we’re on course for the hottest Easter in years. It’s time to throw open the windows, give the house a deep clean and send our winter clothes on a summer holiday to the back of the wardrobe.

As the seasons change, so do our homes. In winter, we spend more time indoors, so our home becomes a cosy retreat with blankets, log fires and dim lighting. But in spring we need a fresher, cooler and pared-back space in which to relax after revelling in the sun. Here are five ways to update your home and make it work for the season:

1 - Declutter and organise

It’s time to send the extra duvet, throws and winter decor packing. Go through each room methodically and pick up anything you don’t want to use (or see) for the next few months. This might include your collection of pine cones, wintry scented candles and any rogue Christmas decorations that haven’t quite made it to the attic yet. These items can be stored in airtight plastic boxes to keep them safe, while duvets, blankets and winter clothes will fare better in vacuum storage bags.

Accessorise with pattern

Accessorise with pattern - Credit: Archant

2 - Accessorise with pattern

Chic florals, colourful polka dots, nautical stripes and exotic tropical prints all add a burst of colour and spring-like charm to a room. Use sparingly for a minimalist look or layer lots of pattern for an eclectic clash. For a quick and easy update, simply change your curtains or swap out the sofa cushions.

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3 - A lick of fresh paint

There’s no quicker way to update your home than with a coat of fresh paint. This easy and low-cost project can be completed in a weekend but will completely transform your space. Choose colours that evoke spring for you. Pastels are always on trend and these soothing hues are perfect for the warmer months. For more glamour, try a glacial grey or go bright and bold with gemstone tones like emerald green and amethyst purple.


Garden - Credit: Archant

4 - Don’t forget your outdoor spaces

Whether a small balcony or a large lawn, your outdoor space needs some love too. Start with a quick tidy up; you may need to collect up dead leaves, de-weed the borders and dredge out the old pond. Once the garden is clear, it’s time to get planting! Now is the perfect time to plant vegetables, shrubs and some flowers. Gardening is a wonderful way to reconnect with nature and what better time than at the start of spring?

5 - Bring the outdoors in

A study by NASA has shown that some house plants can actually purify the air in our homes. But air-quality benefits aside, plants also add colour, texture and life to your space. Fresh flowers look beautiful, and smell great but don’t last long - combine with potted succulents and trailing plants so there is always some greenery in your home. Many house plants are low maintenance and very easy to look after so even if you’re not blessed with green fingers, you can enjoy an indoor garden.


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