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The batwing collar dress is £35

The batwing collar dress is £35 - Credit: sub

Photographer Alexandra Gunnoe was researching an old control tower from World War Two for a photography shoot and stumbled upon its neighbour, The West of England Transportation Collection (WETC) in Devon, when the plan for the shoot leapt into action.

The burgundy school dress is £35 and the brown suede clutch is £30

The burgundy school dress is £35 and the brown suede clutch is £30 - Credit: sub

The hangar housed old vintage buses and cars from the 1930s, 40s, 50s and 60s.

Recently moving from the United States, Alexandra was very impressed by the rich history of England and the way

in which the old and new intertwine, as well as the accessibility of historical buildings and sites.

There was such a variety of amazing vehicles at the WETC that Dan Shears (the proprietor) and Alexandra thought it would be a great idea to create a fashion-inspired calendar, highlighting a particular bus for each shoot.

The next step was to approach Kate Sly of Fashion Farmer about this idea and together they decided it would be best to dress the models in attire appropriate to the year of the bus and or car. They would then spend the next few months shooting these fabulous vehicles around various locations in England.

As Kate is local to the Quantock hills and is familiar with this area of Outstanding Natural Beauty she knew instantly they would be an ideal location for one of the vintage calendar shoots.

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The exposed heathland, deep wooded combes and tranquility of the Somerset countryside created a perfect rural backdrop for the vintage bus. n

All clothing besides the boots are available from Vintage Tramp (vintagetramp.com).