Artist in residence: Kitty Kovacevic

Broadway Tower, by Kitty Kovacevic

Broadway Tower, by Kitty Kovacevic - Credit: Archant

This month our artist in residence Kitty Kovacevic tells us why she is enjoying the simple pleasures of staying at home with her 2B pencils and cup of coffee

Kitty Kovacevic

Kitty Kovacevic - Credit: Archant

Over the past few weeks I’ve settled into a rather cosy drawing routine and, like most people who know when they are on to a good thing, I’m a little fearful of when this period will come to an end.

Without fail I’ve sat down every evening with a cup of coffee, started sharpening my pencils and then set about drawing. Several uninterrupted hours later I will wake up thinking I have time travelled into the future, gasping with amazement at the clock as I realise I’ve spent a whole night drawing roof tiles or some other feature. This makes for interesting conversation at work the next day when someone asks what I did last night and I reply, “I spent the evening drawing a Cotswold stone wall.” I sometimes wonder if I should make polite excuses for my obsessive activities or if behind closed doors other people are similarly occupied.

In this month’s drawings I have thoroughly enjoyed working on the smallest details, finding the simplest joy in planting the prickly fine lines of the manicured lawn seen in ‘Staying in Broadway’. I can’t remember how long it took me to draw the black-and-white beams of Broadway Hotel or carefully sketch out the stonework and balconies of Broadway Tower, however I can’t imagine anything else I’d rather be doing.

Fingers crossed this 2B bliss lasts as long as possible and, whilst everyone jets off on summer holidays, I don’t plan on going anywhere except maybe Blenheim to do some sketching for my next piece!

To find out more about Kitty and her work, visit her website or follow her on Twitter @KittyKovacevic

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