Banana Blitz recipe

Banana Blitz

Banana Blitz - Credit: Archant

A frozen fruit fancy from Emma Morris that is “scrummy, sweet and completely guilt free.”

Banana Blitz

Banana Blitz - Credit: Archant

This year I had the resolution like so many others to lose weight, be active and eat better. I can say it’s been going reasonably well, although I did find by the second week I was missing the sweet things like chocolate, cake and ice cream. We all know that they are just simply not that good for you. Not saying that they don’t have some benefit - it’s food, it gives us energy, but sadly only in short bursts.

Banana Blitz

Banana Blitz - Credit: Archant

I began to browse cook books, blogs and Youtube for various alternatives to satisfy my persistent sweet tooth. After much scrolling and page flicking I found that all the ideas seemed to recommend one thing.... Fruit.

I can understand why they suggest it since a majority of fruit is 80% water, which means its easier to digest rather than the more solid or fixed food like bread and meat. The natural sugar called glucose in fruit can be turned in to energy by the body and the waste product of water and carbon-dioxide can exit the body with minimum effort.

Although fruit is sweet, sometimes you just crave something you know is bad for you - wanting something you can’t or shouldn’t have is human nature. However, I have found a solution that will tickle your taste buds and fool your eyes. It also only has one ingredient. Bananas.


• Peel and chop 5 bananas in to chunks.

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• Freeze for at least 9 hours.

• Blitz in a food processor until it is the consistency of soft serve ice cream.

• Eat.

The banana mix acts like a base which a variety of fruits, nuts and seeds can be mixed in to create different flavors and textures to suit your tastes. Be creative with combinations and experiment.

Benefits of Bananas

These are just a few benefits of bananas that stood out to me, though there are many others.

• High in Potassium and vitamin B-6

• Good source of Manganese (bone health)

• Easy to digest

• Regulates blood sugar

• Reduces swelling

• Protects against type 2 diabetes

• Aids weight loss

• Strengthens nervous system

• Lowers blood pressure

• Natural antacid providing relief from heart burn and acid reflux.


Happy Blitzing!