Brighton Fashion Week Talks - April

Vanessa Austin Locke, editor of the Brighton Fashion Week blog, website and social media, talks about BFW's big sister, London Fashion Week, and a very special new partnership

This can be a rotten time of year but for us, at Brighton Fashion Week HQ, it’s flying by terrifyingly fast. June may seem a distant dream to many, but we have so much to do that I know if I blink, I’ll miss half the year. BFW is risking stretch marks with the rate she’s growing and we’ve so much news to share with you.

Last month saw me bombing around Brighton and London with BFW director Lizzy Bishop, beginning to pull together all the many strands that create Fashion Week. One week alone saw us at The Brits, London Fashion Week, the Anupa Launch party and The Agitator gig at The Green Door Store. It’s jolly lucky I can survive on very little sleep but, when there’s so much going on, who needs to sleep anyway?

The most exciting news is extra special. This year Brighton Fashion Week will be teaming up with the incredible charity War Child. We're very proud to be working alongside such a beautiful charity and we hope you’ll all join us in supporting them as they work to keep war and children away from one another.

As always our dedicated team of bloggers have been out in force to bring you fresh, original fashion editorial. Our fashion student blogger Jessica Kayll has a new radio show on Radio Reverb every Tuesday between 8 and 9 and Laura Grant-Evans, who writes of all things couture, clawed her way into the front row of all the best shows at LFW, just so she could tell you all about it on the BFW blog.

We left our hearts at the Vivienne Westwood Red Label A/W 2011 show. Ms Westwood stands for some of the things that we, at Brighton Fashion Week, embrace; individuality, drama, spunk and comedy. As one of our guest bloggers, Katie Mokhtar, put it, “it was all very Alice in Wonderland meets rock ‘n’ roll Balmoral”. And right there, in that bizarre triangle of psychedelic fantasy, hard-edged attitude and regal pride in who we are, whoever we are, is Brighton Fashion Week.

Until next time, I’ll sign off in a whirlwind of glitz, glamour and good old hard work…

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