Brighton Fringe - Bridging the Void


- Credit: Archant

All Saints Centre, Lewes; Thursday 29th May, 5.30pm; Suitable for 16+

Experiential invite you to experience for yourself the Native American saying: ‘Every night is followed by sunrise.’

You will participate in a journey incorporating dance, film and sound, beginning in darkness and finishing in the light of sunrise.

’The piece provoked a strong reaction for myself, I experienced far more emotion and feeling.’ (Audience member)

Rachel found the truth in this saying through encountering sunrise in Arizona, inspiring her to create such an encounter for audiences. During the journey, audiences will experience changing sensory stimuli including sounds, movement of the dancers and casts of light from a projected backdrop of sunrise. All these combine to encourage audiences to respond in their own ways, enabling them to create their own experiences. The work concludes with a film of the performers’ own experiences of being greeted by the light and warmth of the sun, which illuminates their physical and emotional responses.

Rachel Johnson, choreographer & artistic director says: “As in all my work, this piece aims to create an open encounter in which audiences do not merely view images, but experience physical sensations which provide opportunities for them to establish their own personal relationships with all elements of the work. These are the first showings of Bridging the Void in the UK and the group look forward to developing national and international performances of the piece, building on the experiences of these initial experiences”

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Brighton Fringe, All Saints Centre, Lewes

Thursday 29th January 5.30pm (60 minutes) £5 (£4)

Online booking available at: 917272