Bristol Blue Glass

Bristol Blue Glass

Bristol Blue Glass - Credit: Archant

For most of the twentieth century there was little or no glassmaking in Bristol.

In 1988 James Adlington revived Bristol Blue Glass and the rest is a living history. Today our glassmakers still make glass the way it was made over 300 years ago, in fact the tools and techniques have barely changed since Roman Times.


All our bespoke pieces start life here as a pool of intensely hot molten glass liquid. Our skilled glassmakers then shape and blow the glass liquid into the many amazing pieces of Bristol Blue Glass that we have to offer in our Studio Shop on the Bath Road in Bristol. The glass liquid is kept in a glass furnace. The furnace is fuelled by gas and is kept at a temperature of 1090 degrees C which is a fifth of the temperature of the sun. Our beautiful blue colour comes from the addition of cobalt to lead crystal. The glass that we use is 24% lead crystal.


Our Shop and Studio is open Monday to Saturday 9am-5pm and our glassmakers work in the Studio everyday creating extraordinary glass pieces.


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Entry to our Shop and Studio is free and we welcome the public to come in and watch our glassmakers at work. You can also book a group visit with a talk and demonstration; contact us for details.


Why not blow your very own Bristol Blue Blass bauble. For £12.50 per person you can blow your on piece of historical glass to treasure forever.


Whether a business needing a small or large selection of corporate gifts, that special birthday, wedding or christening present we can help.


Throughout its 25 years as an extremely well-known company, The ORIGINAL Bristol Blue Glass has had many a moment in the limelight. Sometimes supplying and other times just donating some of our famous glass to well-known people or productions. From the BBC to Her Majesty the Queen, The ORIGINAL Bristol Blue Glass has and will continue to weave its way through the media.


In 2000/1 we were asked to design and make the chalices for ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ which can be seen in the movie, during the dinner scene.