Chronicle of Afternoon Tea at the Sandstone Ridge Festival

Tea being poured

Tea being poured - Credit: Archant

Guests enjoyed tea, cakes and sandwiches

As part of the Sandstone Ridge Festival, guests enjoyed an event at Mayfield House, Bunbury, learning about the history of a very popular British custom.

The ‘Chronicle of Afternoon Tea – its Extraordinary History’ occasion meant that, of course, guests enjoyed tea, cakes and sandwiches while etiquette expert, Diana Mather, talked about its fascinating social impact.

The Sandstone Ridge Festival is an annual event taking place every May around the villages of Bickley, Cholmondeley, Bickerton, Bunbury, Malpas and Tattenhall, featuring authors, musicians, artists and many local residents. It aims to highlight the area’s history, heritage and current talent.