Clearview Stoves

Clearview Stoves

Clearview Stoves - Credit: Archant

Clearview Stoves are the leading dedicated manufacturer of clean burning wood and coal multi-fuel stoves in the world.

They are carefully designed and made in our Shropshire factory.


Here we control all aspects of production with passion and enthusiasm, from research and development, through to design, manufacture and distribution. Within these most modern production facilities we combine the very latest computer controlled production techniques with traditional hand finishing to produce some of the best stoves available.


We care passionately about the environment and believe wood is the perfect fuel, providing a near carbon neutral fuel for heating. Wood also enables you to take control of your heating, never again worrying about power failures or the rising cost of oil.


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These beliefs started us on a quest to design and build a stove that would set new standards. A simple to use stove with traditional styling and a wonderful view of the flames behind crystal clear glass.


We believe several features make Clearview Stoves superior:


* Clean burning (cleaner chimney, less air pollution).

* Clean glass, and more lively fire.

* More airtight construction.

* Doors adjustable to maintain air tightness.

* More usable firebox space.

* Stainless steel ash pan for easy ash removal.

* Separate wood and coal air controls.

* More solid and durable construction.

* Firebox refractory lined.

* Less fussy on fuel and chimney requirements.

* 30 day money-back guarantee.

* Made in Britain.


It’s not unusual to be told that it’s the best purchase our customers have ever made for their home.