Couples Come Dine With Me


- Credit: Archant

Are you a fun, foodie couple living in or around Plymouth? Take part in the new ‘Couples Come Dine With Me’ TV series!

With many previous successful Plymouth episodes, they return in the hope of filming more great new episodes of Come Dine With Me for the new couples series.

Not only will there be the dynamics of the dinner guests, but this time there is the added touch of the relationship between the couples. So twice the fun really!

The new series will consist of three couples per episode and the filming dates are 21st-23rd April or the 24th-26th April. It is a fast turn around, but any interested couples should get in touch as soon as possible as places fill quickly. There is also now the one in three chance of winning the cash prize of £1000!

Any interested couples should drop an email to with a contact number and a member of the casting team shall be in touch.