Five invaluable design tips for small kitchens

Bower Willis Designs

Bower Willis Designs - Credit: Archant

Bower Willis Designs in Shipston On Stour provide us with their five design tips for small kitchens

Angela and Jeremy Bower of Bower Willis / credit: Gavin Crilly

Angela and Jeremy Bower of Bower Willis / credit: Gavin Crilly - Credit: Archant

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Outside Bower Willis Designs' showroom in Shipston on Stour

Outside Bower Willis Designs' showroom in Shipston on Stour - Credit: Archant

We may reside in the beautiful Cotswolds, but not all of us are blessed with a 40ft kitchen in a converted barn. Or an amazing view from said kitchen window. No, some of us are well-practised at living in more modestly-sized properties with a size-appropriate kitchen. But we can still dream.

If your kitchen is on the bijou side when it comes to space, our five invaluable design tips for small kitchens will deliver big results and delusions of grandeur...

1. Big on colour

Unless your cute kitchen has double-aspect windows or generous floor-to-ceiling doors to allow plenty of natural light to flood in, avoid dark colours. The temptation to follow the latest trend and install coloured or black units will only make your space-challenged kitchen feel oppressive and therefore smaller. Ideally, walls and units should be kept white or light coloured. This is great for keeping the space light and bright and perfect for resale. The colour-hungry should limit themselves by injecting colour with feature walls, splash backs or kitchen accessories. The latter can also be updated easily and affordably as trends change.

2. Tricks of the trade

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Reflective surfaces are crucial for bouncing light around. The high-gloss finishes and hardwearing stainless steel of contemporary designs are perfect for petite kitchens. If you’re not a big fan of modern design, then reclaimed, oversized mirrors with ornate frames can make a big statement in more rustic, traditional kitchens. They also give a nod to the shabby chic trend. Mounted on the opposite wall to the window - space allowing – they will help illuminate the space and therefore make it feel bigger. This is also a good trick to apply in narrow kitchens.

3. Hide and seek

Integrated appliances are a must in tiny kitchens. Not only do they unify and streamline the overall look of your design, they help to increase the feeling of space. By integrating appliances behind unit doors, the flow of the design is not interrupted or punctuated by appliances. In fact, integrated appliances look great in any size kitchen – small, medium or large.

4. Let there be light

As with any object or person, lighting is key. In your kitchen it maximises its best assets, as well as providing essential lighting to aid cooking and laundry tasks. Recessed spotlights in the ceiling provide effective task lighting and open up the space to the max. They can also be dimed to put your kitchen in its best possible light when not in use. Combined with ambient lighting in glass-fronted units or under cabinets, your kitchen will always look the business.

5. Call in the experts

Where you might see an impossibly small space that is beyond help, a kitchen designer will see an exciting challenge. Ugly, protruding pipes, awkward cubbyholes and retro ceiling coverings will have them rubbing their hands together with glee. They have many tricks up their sleeves to make unsightly features disappear or to bring out the best in them. Engage the help of the right kitchen designer and you’ll be presented with effective and innovative design solutions to maximise your kitchen space.

Bower Willis Designs, based in Shipston-on-Stour, can offer you exciting concepts to transform your small cooking hub into a beautiful kitchen that’s big on personality, design and the illusion of space. Our highly-skilled team and innovative, lifestyle-enhancing solutions will maximise your kitchen’s full potential, whatever its size.

Call us on 01608 690 870 or email us at about redesigning your small, medium or large kitchen.