Meet the family fashion brand rocking home-schooling life with their slogan tees

Becs with sons Ollie and Josh. Photo: Ailsa Bee

Becs with sons Ollie and Josh. Photo: Ailsa Bee - Credit: Archant

Sisters Becs Jeffery and Fi Woodhead have turned the soundtrack to homelife under lockdown into a family fashion brand - and it’s a corker

Jugglewear founders and sisters Fi and Becs.

Jugglewear founders and sisters Fi and Becs. - Credit: Archant

There are only so many times a day we can stay serene when the same ‘can I have a snack?’ or ‘it’s my go’ comes from the mouths of our little ones. And during lockdown, those repetitive groans seem to have been exaggerated (as well as the ‘is it bedtime yet’ and ‘give me five minutes’ mantras of weary parents).

Fortunately, sisters Becs Jeffery and Fi Woodhead have seen the funny side of things, turning the madness of the coronavirus work-life-kids juggle into a quirky family fashion brand. The aptly named Jugglewear reflects their lives stuck at home with their children (Becs has Josh and Ollie, aged two and seven, and Fi has Arthur and Max, aged nine and 11), with t-shirts and sweatshirts branded with those little phrases parents hear all too often.

The clever range includes slogans such as ‘Home schoolin’’ and ‘Reluctant pupil’, while the kidspeak clothes feature phrases including: ‘I’m hungry’, ‘I am not tired’ and ‘Can I have a snack?’.

For the parents, there’s clothing inspired by lack of time alone: ‘And?’, ‘Give me five minutes’ and ‘Is it bedtime yet?’.

Can I have a snack? is one of the most popular designs. Photo: Ailsa Bee

Can I have a snack? is one of the most popular designs. Photo: Ailsa Bee - Credit: Archant

“It all started when I randomly designed and ordered some organic ‘Home schoolin’’ and ‘Pupil’ t-shirts to amuse my seven-year-old,” says Hale resident Becs. “When they arrived, I realised they were actually really lovely and other people might like them too.”

Becs put her head together with graphic designer Fi (the two already run a design and wording business together called and spent a weekend creating other designs that reflected their lockdown lifestyle before launching their brand on May 5th. Everything in the clothing range is organic cotton.

“We have plastic-free packaging and we print on demand so there’s no unnecessary waste – we wanted to make sure we weren’t a ‘fast fashion’ brand,” Becs says. “Both the parents and the kids seem to love the designs – I guess they’re adding some humour to this upside-down lockdown world.

Founder Becs wearing the popular 'Give me five minutes' design. Photo: Ailsa Bee

Founder Becs wearing the popular 'Give me five minutes' design. Photo: Ailsa Bee - Credit: Archant

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“We know how intense it is trying to juggle work-life-kids plus home-schooling, so we just wanted to bring a smile to the faces of our fellow exhausted parents and remind them we are all in the same frazzled boat.”

The reaction to the clothing has been fantastic – Fi and Becs already have more than 60 families signed up as ambassadors of the brand, taking photos of themselves wearing the t-shirts and sweatshirts and sharing them on social media. Ambassadors have access to the clothing at cheaper prices and every month a family is chosen to win an item of clothing for them all.

It was the ambassadors who initiated the bespoke side to the designs, asking for their own unique phrases such as ‘Star of the week’, ‘Dad of girls #outnumbered’ and ‘My kids have paws’.

“Seeing photos of people wearing our clothing at home or on their isolation walks has been so wonderful,” Becs says. “The world of Instagram is a lovely little community. It’s fab that it’s sharing some cheer in this strange world.”

Sons Ollie, Max and Arthur have also loved getting stuck in. The ‘I’m not a bot’ design was an idea from Fi’s children, who love playing video game Fortnite, while Ollie has been getting hands on with sales and the website.

“Ollie has loved helping me design the clothing on my laptop,” Becs says. “One of our bestsellers ‘Can I have a snack’ was his idea, and the scribble on the ‘Current mood’ t-shirt is his. He loves seeing which designs sell and helping me with the website – it’s been like a mini home-school business project.”

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