Oddments and Epigrams exhibition, Bollington Arts Centre

Heather Clifton, Simina Ionescu, Joey Wong and Jenny Etheridge

Heather Clifton, Simina Ionescu, Joey Wong and Jenny Etheridge - Credit: Archant

Bollington Arts Centre showcased work undertaken in the town by more than 20 Manchester School of Architecture postgraduate students. ‘Oddments and Epigrams’ features work from two projects from the Continuity in Architecture graduates.

For several months, the students have been working in collaboration with the Neighbourhood Planning Committee in Bollington to investigate the area in a bid to understand the history of the town.

The first project is a research book which exposes key elements relevant to Bollington’s history, culture and character. The main focus is the historic evolution of the town through the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, and most notably the landscape. The second includes proposals for a series of interventions in Bollington from a project inspired by Caruso St John’s book entitled ‘Knitting, Weaving, Wrapping, Pressing’. Projects, to name a few, include a cast golden stone, a water driven sculpture and a temporary cinema. w

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