Rifina delivers energy-efficiency to Tewkesbury’s Christmas lights

Electrical distributors Rifina donated 36 man hours and underwrote the £3,000 cost of new energy efficient LEDs to ensure that Tewkesbury residents have long-lasting and cost-effective Christmas lights.

Gloucestershire’s leading electrical distributor, based in the Ashchurch Business Centre just outside the town, has installed 1,300 lamps in the 60 decorations around the High Street and the town centre.

The LED technology has a life expectancy of 15,000 hours and with the wattage for each lamp being reduced from 7W to just 1W, with an 80 per cent energy saving the new lighting promises to save considerable amounts from Tewkesbury’s annual electricity bill.

Sales support manager Dean Lee said the lamps last 15 times longer than the conventional household equivalent. He also said that companies looking to invest in similar energy efficient lighting could expect return on investment within six months, as well as enjoying considerable permanent cost savings.

He said: “These lamps have exceptional long life and energy saving. There is an investment to start up with but you won’t need to replace them every couple of years and for a business, the cost savings are considerable.”

Led by company director Bill Ennis, a team of technicians from Rifina spent a total of 36 man-hours refitting and testing the decorations with the 1,300 LED lamps.

Richard Bartlam, managing director of Rifina, said: “I think that having Tewkesbury put on a good Christmas light display was imperative for the good reputation of the town and could only benefit all of the businesses in the Tewkesbury area, especially the local retailers.”

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Rifina has been at the heart of the Tewkesbury business community for over 30 years. Fiercely independent, it has branches in Cheltenham and Cirencester.”


For more about Rifina, visit: www.rifina.com