Teignmouth, a place for the whole family

The back beach at Teignmouth

The back beach at Teignmouth - Credit: Archant

Jack Moulton takes a look at how to spend a fun day in Teignmouth

Jack Moulton

Jack Moulton - Credit: Archant

I love Teignmouth it’s my favourite place in Devon, because of its beautiful beaches, which are actually red as rubies. People find lots of fabulous things to do, like going to the park, crabbing, scooting or making sandcastles on the beach.

Last winter there were really bad storms. Huge waves were crashing and smashing against the wall, it was so powerful it destroyed the railway. Teignmouth has lots of lovely views and things to do. It’s a great place.

Teignmouth is the best place for parties. Last week we went to the back beach for my mum’s birthday. We had a picnic of fish and chips and chocolate cake, yummy!

Back beach is fabulous, the best thing is it’s peaceful. This is probably because it is pebbly and awkward to walk on the sharp oval pebbles but I just wear my shoes. We love doing dares, my favourite dare is to swim to the third furthest boat and back, it’s really hard. We really enjoy searching for crabs. Once I found a skeleton of a crab but when I picked it up it shattered to pieces, you need to be careful when beach combing!

We often look towards Teignmouth when we are in the car. We say it looks like a diamond sparkling by the sea. My dad plays golf at Teignmouth Golf Club, he says it has the best view of all the golf clubs in Devon. From the club you can see all across Teignmouth and Shaldon. Then the other way you can look out towards Exmouth. On a clear day you can make out Portland which is not even in Devon, it’s in the next county along, in Dorset!

When we visit Teignmouth we usually take a football as well as our scooters. We have lots of fun in the scooter park speeding along over the horrifying ramps! Playing football on the Den you’ve got loads of space, it’s amazing to pelt a football as far as you want but be careful not to hit the cars!

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If we go early on a Sunday morning we sometimes have bacon baps, although I also love cheesy chips. If we are really lucky (and good) we all get ice creams! There is so much to do at Teignmouth, it’s really fun.

The front beach is completely different to the back beach as it has smooth, damp brick red sand. It’s a great place for making sandcastles and I’ve seen a team sculpting a colossal turtle! I wouldn’t recommend bodyboarding as there are giant wooden groynes, which stop the sand being washed away, which you can crash into!

I’ve seen people go crabbing at Teignmouth. I really like the look of it, I want a go because the children look like they are having lots of fun.

They catch the crabs by dangling bait on a hook , at the end of a long piece of string, into the sea. They wait patiently for a hungry crab to come and bite it. When the crab takes the bait the string is pulled up slowly, hopefully with a crab clinging on it. The bait can be ham or bacon or any type of crab food, which you buy from a small hut in the car park. I hope we will be going crabbing in the holidays!