The art of dance at the Art Jericho, Oxford

Blue Moon 3 by Antonia Bruce

Blue Moon 3 by Antonia Bruce - Credit: Archant

Artist Antonia Bruce has created a series of Indian ink drawings inspired by the movement of dancers she collaborated with. ‘Blue Moon’ will be an exhibition of her work at the Art Jericho gallery in Oxford from April 17 - May 11.

Blue Moon by Antonia Bruce

Blue Moon by Antonia Bruce - Credit: Archant

Antonia Bruce has created a portfolio of drawings in Indian ink that articulate the language and expression of contemporary dance. Working closely with international dancers, she draws from life in the rehearsal studio on scrolls of paper. In capturing the myriad forms of movement, she uses a range of gestural marks, from broad vigorous brush strokes to delicate hairline filaments. At times she adds colour, and perhaps a pure powdered cobalt blue for texture. Antonia’s drawings have a calligraphic quality that reflect the fluidity and language of the individual dancers that she works with: the minimalist, contemporary sensibility of Marina Collard; classical baroque, balletic dance of Susie Crow; and a rigour and dynamic that infuses Protein Dance Troupe street fights.

Art Jericho will open with Antonia’s Indian Ink Drawings of Contemporary Dance on Thursday April 17, with the exhibition extending to May 11. There will be a private view in the evening from 6-9pm, featuring some of the dancers who have inspired Antonia’s drawings - including:

Marina Collard, internationally renowned dancer and choreographer, interweaves contemporary dance with bodywork.

Susie Crow danced for twelve years with the Royal Ballet and Sadlers Wells, performing many solo roles, and has a ballet school based in Oxford.

Luca Silvestrini’s Protein is a highly energized, witty and humorous London dance troupe that creates vignettes of real life, coloured with theatre and drama.

Tickets to the ‘Blue Moon’ private view are £5

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To book or for more information, contact:

Art Jericho, 6 King Street, Oxford, OX2 6DF

Opening hours: Wed-Sun 12-6 pm