The Real Wood Furniture Company

Real Wood Furniture Company

Real Wood Furniture Company - Credit: Archant

Chris Baylis, principal of the company, is passionate about his furniture. Catch him in the showrooms and you will discover why!

Both Chris and manager James Burrough are involved from the design stage to the final inspection before delivery. Chris has been involved in the antiques trade for more than 25 years and is an acknowledged expert in the field of antique English country chairs.


He founded the Real Wood Furniture Comapany over 14 years ago specifically to make new furniture. He has drawn on the knowledge, experience and appreciation of good proportion and finish gained over the years to design and specify a complete and complimentary range.


The Real Wood Furniture Company work exclusively with ash, oak cherry and elm timbers indigenous to these shores, from sustained and managed sources. Wherever possible we use only FSC approved timbers and are proud to be a founder member of ‘Woodland Heritage’, a charity dedicated to increasing the woodland area in the UK.


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We have sought out chair and cabinet makers capable of working to our exacting standards and polishers who are masters of the art of distressing and hand finishing. A major contributor to the unique feel of our furniture is that we very carefully hand plane the surfaces of the timbers, helping to create a natural texture, which our skilled team of polishers can build upon. They can achieve a wide variety of finishes to suit your taste and individualise your furniture.